Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big and Chunky

This post is probably best accompanied by this song:

Drew loves this song, and right now I definitely feel big! Here we are at 31 weeks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dance Party!

Claire was having a little dance party the other night. Drew always tries to get it on video, but she's a little stinker and stops as soon as we get the video out, but we finally caught one!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Prego Recap

I keep meaning to write all these dates down, or keep track of them somehow so I don't forget! I want to be able to remember all these things but I've always been terrible at keeping a journal, so I figure if I write them down here it's at least one little step towards not forgetting! I took my first test October 21st after I got home from work. I panicked a little when I saw a very faint line. After showing Drew we decided to make a little safeway run for some digital tests and gatorade (I was convinced this was a good way to get my to pee; they do that on all the movies right??) Apparently this is not the way to do it; drinking that much will lower your HCG levels and give a false negitive. Drew is convinced I'm preggo so he makes me wait and take another one in the morning....sure enough, pregnant!
We had our first appointment the day before Thanksgiving. Everything looked great! It was crazy to hear our little ones heartbeat and see our "bean" for the first time.
We had another ultrasound (nuchal translucency), and blood work at 13 weeks for some genetic testing. We got our results back and everything came back clean. Here is little one's profile at 13 weeks:
Then after what felt like FOREVER, we got to 20 weeks! We're having a girl; Miss Claire Marie Arnold
And now we've finally hit 29 weeks as of yesterday! We're finally in the home stretch, and we are anxiously waiting for a sweet little girl to make her appearance in this world!
Oh and for those of you who take sick enjoyment out of watching me expand here are some belly shots:
Week 17

Week 23
 Week 28

We caved....

It's true we caved and got a blog. We figure once little miss Claire gets here this will be the best way to share her adorableness with friends and family near and far :)