Monday, May 9, 2011


Thank goodness I have such a handy husband! He's been doing all sorts of projects for me to get things ready for Claire. Usually while I'm sewing away on things for Claire, Drew can be found in the garage working on projects for the nursery. Here are some of his accomplishments:

The Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is so special to us. It was Drew's mom and dad's first piece of furniture after they got married and has been used to rock many of the Arnold kids. My sister in law even used it to rock our nephew when he was a baby. We both agreed after that many kids it had seen its fair share of wear and tear. Drew decided to sand down the entire thing and re-stain and varnish it.

Here it is before the refinishing

...and after many many trips to Home Depot for more sand paper. (I'm not kidding, we went at least 4 times to replenish Drew's sand paper supply)

After starting the first coat of stain

....and all finished! Drew did such a great job on it and I know it will be such a special piece to add to Claire's nursery

The Shelves

I'd been wanting a little book case or something to store Claire's books but everything seemed too big for her room. I actually saw these shelves on Young House Love and told Drew I wanted something similar.  Being the wonderfully handy husband he is he got straight to work! I love the end product; its so nice to have somewhere to store her books while being able to display them at the same time.

The Dresser

After searching forever we just couldn't seem to find the right dresser for Claire's room. We knew we wanted something to set the changing pad on but everything we looked at seemed too tall or too short. We finally decided maybe we should look into refinishing an older piece instead. We finally found one at The Arc for only $125! This was our first refinishing piece so Drew likes to joke that you just shouldn't look "too close". Unfortnently we forgot to get a before picture but here it is; I love how much storage it has, and its the perfect height for the changing pad too!

Closet Dividers

I've been trying to get Claire's room organized for a while now, and man is this little girl spoiled! Her closet was quickly filling up and I realized I needed a better way to keep track of all her clothes. After a few failed attempts of creating my own tags (from foam board to wood pieces) I broke down and ordered some pre-made tags from ebay. Of course they were a little less than adorable:

So I made a template and cut out some scrapbook paper to modge-podge to the plastic dividers

Then with the help of my trusty Cricut, I cut out the numbers and lettering for the sizes

I slapped a clear coat over the top and then I stuck those bad boys in here closet and got to organizing! 

Now we just need our  little girl to get here so she can wear all these adorable clothes that are oh so nicely organized in her closet :) 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To my mama....

This is my mama...the most wonderful woman I know.

We've been through a lot the two of us, but our story is a great one. We started out just the two of us; you worked so hard to make a life for us, and powered through when most would have given up. Then you married Dad and we were the three of us! 

Then you guys added this little stinker to the family:

And we became the 4 of us! 

You supported me through everything, gave me sound advice (whether I chose to listen or not) and helped me grow up to move on to college, marriage and now becoming a mommy. I don't know where I would be in life without you. I love you.

Happy Mothers Day!


Last summer we welcomed our first "baby" into the family

Little Miss Abby became our very spoiled fur baby. We thought she would be great practice for having a baby (little did we know that having a baby would come sooner than we thought!)

With Claire on the way we keep telling Abby that in a few weeks she's going to be just a dog.She obviously has no idea what the heck we are talking about! She has however, noticed all the new stuff coming in the to house for Claire and has been thoroughly enjoying exploring/ "helping" us with all these new toys.

Checking out the diaper cake

Helping sort presents

Drew obviously needed help putting together the swing.

Testing out Claire's pack n play mat for her. Claire, I sure hope you dont mind dog hair.....