Sunday, May 8, 2011


Last summer we welcomed our first "baby" into the family

Little Miss Abby became our very spoiled fur baby. We thought she would be great practice for having a baby (little did we know that having a baby would come sooner than we thought!)

With Claire on the way we keep telling Abby that in a few weeks she's going to be just a dog.She obviously has no idea what the heck we are talking about! She has however, noticed all the new stuff coming in the to house for Claire and has been thoroughly enjoying exploring/ "helping" us with all these new toys.

Checking out the diaper cake

Helping sort presents

Drew obviously needed help putting together the swing.

Testing out Claire's pack n play mat for her. Claire, I sure hope you dont mind dog hair.....

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  1. When I came home from the hospital with Henri, I was so repulsed and annoyed that we had animals in the house! It was this weird reaction to becoming a mother. Kinzie has definitely been demoted, but she's used to it now. Abby will adapt quickly to having someone else to protect & love, and Claire won't know any different. It's a win-win!