Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meeting Family

Claire has had a busy few weeks of life! We stayed home just the three of us the first week, but Drew had to go back to work at Blount in Portland, so we all packed up and headed to Gresham to stay with my parents for two weeks. While we've been here Claire has met tons of family!
5 Generations: Claire, Me, Grandpa Hanson, Great Grandpa Hanson, and Great Great Grandma Hanson

Claire and her Aunties and Uncle: Emma, Justin and Riley

Meeting Uncle Jared for the first time.

Aunt Denee, Uncle Steve, and Cousin Henri

Aunt Mandi and Uncle Dayn

Great Aunt Karey

Okay, she's already met her grandpa, but how sweet is this picture? Nothing like a little grandpa nap time!

Cuddling with Great Grandpa Wood

Meeting Auntie Daylan!

She's already met Grandma Arnold too, but here she is lounging away on Grandma's lap.

Meeting her "Auntie" Aleah

This was while we were still in Corvallis, but here's Claire meeting her Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Wood for the first time. (Yes, I know her outfit looks like a prison uniform)

All in all it's been a crazy week and half here in Portland, but its so fun to see all of our family enjoying their time with little miss Claire.

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  1. There are most definitely some faces missing from those pictures. Don't let that girl grow up too much before we get out there for Christmas!