Sunday, July 17, 2011


I can't believe Claire's going to be a month old next week! Our first month has flown by!

When Claire was 6 days old we got newborn pictures done to capture our precious girl in all her tiny-ness! Marci B Photography did a great job; we're so glad we took the time to get these done.

Claire also decided to teach us our first lesson in matter how prepared and on top of things you think you are, babies will do what they want, when they want.
We had it all planned out; I feed Claire right before Marci came so she would be nice and full and ready to sleep....Claire had other plans. Marci was at our house for about 3 hours....the first two and half Claire was awake just enough to cry whenever we tried to move her. Marci was so great about it and still managed to capture some great shots, she did say however, that we hold the record for the longest time awake ;)


  1. Such a beautiful family. These are great pictures. Marci does wonderful work.

  2. SHe is beautiful!! THe pictures look great! Happy Birthday too! :)