Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My sentimental rental

Drew and I are basically the moving/ rental King and Queen. We've been married for two years and moved  three times....yikes! (This is where I should insert a HUGE thanks to all our friends and family who have helped us move all these times!)Until Drew finishes school and we know where we'll be living for a while, we have to keep renting. Most rentals are just rentals, no big deal. But moving from our last house to this apartment has been bittersweet for me. We've down graded to something cheaper so I can stay home with Claire part time, which is a huge blessing, but leaving the place where so many crazy memories were made makes me sad. I know I'm probably over sentimental thanks to my lovely post pregnancy hormones, but I can't help but reminisce as we leave our old place.

This was the house where we found out we were having a baby!

This house I was pregnant in. The house in which I stood in front of the same white door every week to take my belly picture.

This was my last picture before we left for the hospital, not my most gorgeous moment!

It's the house that had Claire's first nursery, that Drew and I worked so hard on while anxiously awaiting our little girl.

It's the house I went into labor in

My lovely husband decided that I need a "in labor" picture....can you tell how thrilled I was?

And its the house we first brought Claire home to; where we first became a family.

Claire first bath, her first smile, her first full night of sleep...they were all in that house. It's hard to leave behind our memories, but like Drew keeps reminding me: It's just a house, our home is wherever the three of us are together. So today I said goodbye to our first home as a family. So now I will go snuggle my little girl and kiss my husband goodnight, in our new place that the three of us will make into a home :)

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