Sunday, August 14, 2011


On Thursday last week Drew presented his project he's been working on during Blount's annual Protofest. Being the non engineer that I am I will try to explain what I understand about the project: Blount has an electrical chain saw that they are creating a brake for. When the chain saw kicks back to a certain degree the saw's break will stop the saw. So Drew has been designing the brake for the system. Here's hoping little miss gets her daddy's smarts :) Drew is probably reading this laughing at me, because I have no idea what the heck I'm talking about! 

Anyways, its been long days for Drew and lots of traveling back and forth from Philomath to Gresham for all of us, but Claire and I couldn't be more proud! We went down Blount in the afternoon to see all of Drew's hard work in person.

Drew and his project

The saw!

Our little family at protofest
*Side story: I was carrying Claire in her moby at Protofest, and a few minutes after this picture was taken I felt something warm. Sure enough I look down and Claire has peed through her diaper, her clothes, the moby, and both of my shirts. Awesome. The real kicker was that we were going out to dinner with friends straight from Protofest. I brought an extra outfit for Claire, but obviously didn't think I needed one for me too! Sorry Jordan and Amanda if I smelled like pee at dinner, now you know why :)

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  1. Way to go, Drew! And worries. You do a much better job describing what Drew does than I do with Uncle Dan.

    Free parenting advice...if you fly with a baby...pack at least 3 outfits in your carry-on for both of you!