Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where I thought I'd be....

Isn't it funny how you think you have your life all planned out, and then God reminds you that it's not about your plans, its about his plan?

I never thought I would get married at 20.
But I found the love of my life freshman year of college.

I NEVER thought I would be pregnant at 22
But God surprised us with a huge blessing
(yep that's me, 31 weeks preggo)

I thought for sure we were having a little boy.
Surprise again! We found we were having a little girl February 10th 2011

In my mind, Drew and I would be graduated from college, have bought a house, and then got pregnant.....

(Insert God laughing here)

In reality, Drew is finishing his masters, we are living part time with my parents for the summer while Drew does an internship, and we are moving to a smaller apartment so I can stay home part time.

Hmm, I think maybe God forgot to listen to me.

This past year has been such a learning experience in patience and trust. I'm still learning to let go, but if the past is any indication of how God's plan always works out, I think we'll be in a good place :)

Sure, life isn't how I thought it would be, but God has truly blessed us with an even better life than I could have imagined. 
Here I am, with God's greatest, most perfect surprise yet :)

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  1. Ashleigh...I hear you. And I rejoice and cry with you all at the same time. It's funny how when we let go of what we want we can embrace what God gives.

    There's a line in one of my favorite Rich Mullins songs that goes:

    Surrender don't come natural to me
    I'd rather fight You for something I don't really want
    Than to take what You give that I need
    And I've beat my head against so many walls,
    I'm falling down,
    Lord, I'm falling on my knees.

    You know...I had my life all figured out, too. I never thought my beautiful niece would give birth before me :) And you know, we wouldn't trade Dayna OR Claire for the world, now, would we?

    Love you!