Monday, September 26, 2011

3 Months!

3 Months?! Where has time gone? My little girl is getting so big!

She still loves her bath time. She's learning to splash with her hands and feet now, and she think's she's pretty funny when she gets water all over!

And like always, she still hates tummy time. 

She's long and lean! She wears 6-9 month onsies but still fits in her 3 month pants! 

She found her hands this month, and boy does she love to suck on them...LOUDLY! We can usually hear her all the way across the room.

She "watched" her first beaver game!
 Here's the most adorable OSU cheerleader you'll ever see:

We're still dealing with the lovely teething process, which has brought on mass amounts of drool within the last few weeks. 
Which has brought on her new talent of blowing bubbles:

We got her a little play mat with an arch for her toys to hang on, and she loves it! She's still working on being coordinated enough to actually grab at the toys, but she's pretty good at hitting them with her feet.
Here she is playing with her little gym:

We've also been working on sleeping this month. Every time we think she's gotten into a routine we get some rough nights. We're done traveling for the summer so hopefully now that we're home we can settle into a new routine, and get our sleep habits established! 


  1. She is sure changing! Totally know what you mean when you get into a routine and then something changes... I think that will happen until they are... like 18!!! ha! :-)

  2. She is so adorable. What a cutie!! She is going to break some hearts someday...