Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reversible Carseat Strap Covers

I'd been meaning to make carseat strap covers for Claire since before she was born, and now that its been three months I finally got around to it! I wanted to make something soft so the scratchy straps wouldn't rub against her face, or arms when she's wearing short sleeves. I had some extra minky fabric laying around, so I got to work!

First cut your fabric into 6 inch squares. You'll need four squares all together. I decided to make mine reversible so I cut two squares from each fabric.

Take your squares and put them right sides together, pinning along the edges.

Because my minky fabric is thicker I didn't add any padding. If you wanted to use just cotton or flannel you may want to add a layer of batting in between.

Make sure you remember to leave an opening to flip your straps right side out. I use two pins to mark my stopping point so I don't forget!
Sew at a 1/4" seam around the edges. After you finish make sure you trim the corners so they have a nice clean point to them when you turn your fabric out.

*This is where I am lacking pictures since Claire started crying and I was juggling baby things. Oh mommyhood...*

After you turn your straps right side out, use an iron to press the edges. Tuck the edges of your fabric at the opening under so they are even with the rest of the straps. Pin to make sure they hold in place, then top stitch along the edges ( I did a 1/4" all the way around).

Cut your velcro! I did 5.5" of velcro; two of the soft side and two of the scratchy side (really technical huh!). Pin your soft side to one side of your strap, then turn your strap over and pin the scratchy side at the opposite end.

Then sew around the edges of the velcro, and your done! 

Here is my little chubby girl with her new, soft strap covers:

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  1. You day she looks just like you, and the next, she's the spitting image of her daddy!

    Great project.