Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well late Thursday night I had the joy of getting my appendix taken out....what a great start to our weekend.

I hadn't been feeling great since about 3:00 pm that afternoon, and when Drew got home from school I put him on Claire duty so I could go lay down for bit. Around 7:00 pm that night I still wasn't feeling all the great. I did a little research online, and then called my friend Noele who's a nurse, and she agreed that the pain I was describing sounded like appendicitis. Noele and Brandon were right by our house, and graciously stopped by (thanks again you guys!) to watch Claire for us while we went to the ER.

After several needle pokes ( I have like the worlds hardest veins to get an IV in) and one CAT scan later, the doctor confirmed I needed to get my appendix taken out. We called my parents and they came down to stay the night with Claire (Thanks guys!).

And just like that I was in surgery a few hours later, and back home by 11:00 am Friday morning. So now I'm pretty much laying around like a bum, watching episodes of 24, and continuing my addiction to pinterest. The worst part is not being able to pick up my sweet little girl :( Hopefully after my follow up with the doctor on Friday I'll be back to work and being a mama! 

Thanks for all your prayers, texts, and emails the past few days!

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