Saturday, November 26, 2011


On Wednesday we headed over to Bend to be with Drew's family for Thanksgiving. I had to work Wednesday morning and we were hoping to stay longer after Thanksgiving but my work schedule was a little less than desirable for Black Friday (11:30pm to 8:15am....yikes!). But we were grateful to be able to spend a little over 24 hours together celebrating the holiday.
I think it was the first time since Dayn and Mandi's wedding that all of the Arnolds were in one place together! It was a full house but it was lots of fun to be able to get everyone together. Needless to say Claire was spoiled with lots of love from all her aunties, uncle, cousin, and grandma and grandpa :)

Here are some pictures from our brief stay:

Grandma and Grandpa's house is right next to a great little neighborhood park. Claire had her first swing experience, which you can see she obviously enjoyed. It was pretty chilly in Bend so we never lasted much longer than 10 or 15 minutes but it was good to get out and burn off a little energy.

The whole Arnold clan:
Daylan, Tim, Dayn, Mandi, Debbie, Darris, Drew, Me, Claire, Steve, Henri, and Denee


The cousins with Uncle Dayn and Aunt Mandi

Claire was enthralled with Uncle Dayn's beard the whole trip. It was pretty funny to watch her stare at it while she plotted how she could get a good handful.

Overall it was a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of yummy food and some great family time. Here's hoping this is the last year I'll be working Black Friday too!

Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Months!

Another month has flown by! My little girl is 5 months old.
Here are some stats:
Wears 6-12 month Old Navy clothes and 9 month Carters clothes. 
Drinks 4 oz every three hours or so.
Wearing size 2 disposables but is normally in cloth diapers.
Goes to bed at 8:00 pm and usually wakes up once to eat around 4 or 5 am and then sleeps again until 8:00am.

This month has brought so many changes!

- Started solids this month. So far she's tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and avocado. Sweet potato is by far her favorite.

-Claire found her toes this month! It's so funny to watch her lay on her back and shove her feet in her mouth.

-We went on our first family vacation and Claire had her first plane ride. She was such a trooper the whole trip.

-Claire dressed up for her first halloween. Can you say cutest lady bug ever?!

-Claire also had her first Thanksgiving this month (pictures coming soon!). She even sat at the table with everyone and ate a little bit of sweet potato.

-She's started to sit by herself this month. She's still a little unstable but can sit for 30-40 seconds by herself before she falls to the side or folds completely in half. Which is usually okay with her because this is prime positon for her to put her feet in her mouth :)

It's been such a busy month with so many changes. I can't even imagine how many more accomplishments will happen between now and her next monthly update!

Denver: The Last Day

Like I said before, this last day deserves it's own post. I was so glad to be home after that day.

We started out our morning trying to get things packed up and ready to go. Drew had to present his paper in the 9:45am to 11:15am session and we had to be checked out of the hotel by noon. We scrambled to get everything packed and dropped some of it off downstairs in the luggage check. Drew was working on his presentation until the last minute and Claire was being fussy. Our friend Devina offered to watch Claire for me so I could go sit in on Drew's presentation. 
Let me tell you, there is nothing like a room of engineers to make you feel stupid. Drew was the last presentation, so we had to sit through four others before his. There were so many formulas/equations and engineering lingo that I could start to feel my eyes glaze over. 
Drew finally got to present and he did great! I'm so proud :)
After the presentation we went to pick up Claire and finish checking out of the hotel. We finally got checked out a little before noon but our shuttle wasn't supposed to be there to pick us up until almost 5:00 pm. We went back to the convention center and ate lunch and then headed back to the hotel lobby to try to get Claire to nap. Well that was pretty unsuccessful; she was so enamored with all the people and sounds of the lobby that she would go to sleep. Drew finally walked laps around the lobby with her until she fell asleep on him. When she woke up we knew we needed to find somewhere else to sit (we were in the bar of the lobby; not exactly baby friendly).
The third floor of the hotel was a ballroom with a huge lobby that no one was using, so we made a little spot of the floor and let Claire play for a little bit. She loved looking out the floor to ceiling windows.

Haha this next picture cracks me up. Drew was clicking away and happened to get this lovely one. We both were dying laughing when we saw it. Maybe we'll save this one for her wedding slide show someday ;)

We had finally killed enough time so we caught our shuttle and headed to the airport. Claire slept in her carseat the whole way to the airport which was awesome. She was so in need of that nap.
We get to the check in counter and yet again the guy gives me crap about needing her shot record. 
(I should note that I asked the guy in Portland if I should call and get her shot records before our next flight, to which he told me not to worry about it because he already fixed it in the system)
He finally got us all checked in and we went to find out gate, which meant going through the dreaded security again. Claire woke up a little before we got to the security gate, and was not to happy that we didn't get her out of her car seat right away. We finally get all our stuff into bins and through the metal detector and of course Claire starts crying because she's hungry, but her bottle is being inspected. We grab all our stuff and start heading toward the gate, while Claire is still mad about not being fed. 
Oh and did I mention how annoying the denver airport is? We had to get in the elevator to go down to security, then back up to get to the train that would eventually take us to the C terminal, where we had to find yet another elevator to get the gate. Gah! 
Claire was so mad/hungry I had to feed her on the train. 
We finally get to the terminal (yay!) and then see our flight has been delayed 30 minutes (boo!).
We get dinner and try to get Claire settled and happy. Then the flight gets delayed another twenty minutes. This is when I start to panic. Why you ask? Well because I am stupid and only packed enough formula for two more bottles, which normally would have been enough but the more they delay the more worried I am about Claire having enough to eat. So I decide to go on a hunt for some formula, just in case. Well three stores later and it's pretty clear that they don't sell formula in the airport. And to make matters better, our flight is now going to be an hour and a half late. Needless to say I am a total stress case at this point. I'm trying to run through my head how I can make it work. "If she sleeps 'x' amount and I feed her 'x' amount then and 'x' amount later, she might be okay until 'x' time".
We finally get on the flight an hour and half late. Claire is fussy and tired but is having a hard time going to sleep in my arms. We ration out the forumla two ounces at a time, trying to feed her a little bit, frequently so she'll stay full. I finally get her to sleep and the captain starts telling talking over the intercom which of course startles Claire awake. I want to tell him that no one really cares how high we are flying but I'm sure they will care when my child starts screaming because you woke her up. Luckily I get her to go back to sleep without too much fussing. And finally, we land. I have never been so happy to get off an airplane in my life. 

Needless to say, next time we travel, Claire may just be spending some quality time with her grandparents :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Denver: Day 4-6

On Sunday we met up with our friends Courtney and Adam. Courtney came and picked us up at our hotel and we went to Boulder for the day. We stopped by their apartment to pick up Adam, and Claire got to meet their dog Bailey. Since Claire was so little when we got rid of Abby this was one of the first times she really noticed a dog. It was so cute to sit and watch them interact with each other.

Going in for the kiss

After we picked up Adam we went to brunch at a really cute tea place that Courtney used to work at. Then we walked around downtown Boulder and went to Avery Brewery to hang out for a little while. 

Adam had to go to work at 2 am so he went home to sleep and we headed back to Denver. After dinner together we said goodbye and went back to the hotel for the night.

Monday through Wednesday was pretty uneventful. We took Claire swimming a couple times and she did pretty good. She wasn't necessarily excited but she wasn't mad either, so I call that a success!

We also spent some time looking out our windows. Our room was on the 16th floor so we had a pretty good view over the city. Claire surprisingly loved it; she would sit on my lap and just stare at all the cars and people going by.

Well that sums up all but our last day, and let me tell you, that day deserves it's own post. It gives me a stress headache just thinking about....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Denver: Day 1-3

So this last week we spent a little family time in Denver. Drew was presenting his paper at the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Since OSU was paying for his flight, hotel, and food, all we had to do was pay for my flight there since Claire can fly free on my lap. 
I was pretty excited to get away for a little bit, but also very nervous about flying with a baby. I didn't want to be the mom with the screaming child on the airplane that everyone is shooting dirty looks at! Luckily Claire is biggest trooper ever!
We left Thursday afternoon around 4:00 pm and Claire was way overdue for a nap. I mean this girl usually only stays up for an hour at a time, maybe two hours max. By the time we got to the airport she had been up for about three hours....YIKES! We finally got her to fall asleep in the carseat right as we arrived, so I was hoping she would nap till we boarded the plane. Well we get the check in counter and wouldn't you know it, something was already going wrong. Before we left I researched high and low what all I needed to bring for Claire to fly, stroller limits, formula limits through TSA; I mean everything! So we get the counter at the guy asks for Claire's birth certificate. Um, what? So I tell him I didn't bring it. How about a shot record he asks. Seriously? Everything I found online said minors did not need ID. Well I guess because she is under 2 and flying free they needed to verify her age. So I show Claire to the guy. I mean, hello, does she look like she's two?? He says fine, and we continue on our journey.

Then we hit TSA. If getting through security isn't bad enough by yourself, just add a infant and all her stuff. Then they tell me, oh yeah, see your nice sleeping baby that needs a nap REALLY bad? Yeah your going to need to wake her up and take her out of her carseat. Gah!
So we send the carseat with the stroller base through, then we had to remove the formula since it was over the 3 oz rule. Then Drew forgot to take off his belt so he has to go through again. So I'm at the end trying to hold Claire and gather all our crap together. Then Drew gets through the medal detector but get randomly selected for the shoe test. I finally get my husband back and get all of our stuff together and head to the gate. 
We hang out for a while and I try to get Claire to nap with no success. We flew Southwest which was great since they do family boarding and have no assigned seats, so we were guaranteed to sit together. It was hilarious watching people pick seats once we were seated. People would see your open seat, then see the baby and keep walking. But alas it was a full flight and someone had to sit by us. He was actually really nice and thought Claire was pretty adorable. It took a while of rocking and offering a paci but Claire finally fell asleep in my arms without any crying. First flight=Success! 

We finally got to the hotel and we were all ready for bed. The hotel was great (we stayed the Hyatt Regency), they even had a little roll away crib with bedding for Claire and provided a bunch of little travel size baby accessories (diaper cream, baby powder, wash cloth, and baby wash). Claire actually only ended up sleeping in the crib the first night (more on that later). Even in a new place she was a sleeping champ! She would sleep until about 5 or 6 am, eat, and then go back to sleep.

The second day we had breakfast with the rest of the grad students from Drew's office and explored the city a little bit. Claire also surprised us with sitting up by herself for the first time. It was only for about 10-15 seconds before she would tilt to one side or fold completely in half and have her feet in her mouth, but an accomplishment none the less.

We ended day two with a happy hour dinner at The Yard House. If your ever in Denver, you have to go there; so yummy! And the 130 beers on tap sure made all the boys happy.

Our third day (Saturday) was pretty relaxed. We went to dinner with our friend Courtney who lives in Boulder, then came back to the hotel and went to bed.
Oh yeah, and remember how I said Claire only slept in her crib one night? Well we are terrible parents and made her sleep in the bathroom. Because Claire goes to bed so early we would have had to sit in silence in the dark in our room for the rest of the night, so the only solution we could come up with was wheel her stroller (with the bassinet attachment) into the bathroom so we could close to the door. So there you go, there is my bad parenting confession :) 

More pictures from the rest of the week later!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's a big world out there....

Looking out over the city

I promise to blog all about our Denver trip soon, but right now I have three loads of laundry to put away, and a lot of unpacking to do!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Shower Planning

One of my best friends is having a boy in March! Ever since I found out she was pregnant I've been planning and 'pinning' things for her baby shower. Now that they know they're having a boy I've gone full blown crazy, planning and brainstorming her 'Little Man Mustache Bash' shower. Anyway, long story short, here is the color scheme I'm thinking of.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Shower

Last weekend my friend Noele and I hosted a baby shower for our wonderful friend Krista. She's pregnant with twins! A boy (Axle) and a girl (Emily); ahh the best of both worlds :) I always tell her, "You get tonka trucks and hair bows!"

We decided on a fall/ country chic baby shower. It was so fun getting to plan and host with Noele. Krista we are so excited for your bundles of joy to come soon!

We had guests write "midnight messages" to Krista and Brandon to see during those late night diaper changes. There were quite a few with phone numbers for babysitting!

I'm not a fan of pumpkin (which made it really easy to not be tempted to eat any batter!) but I heard these were delicious! Here's the recipe 

Mmmm bruschetta, my favorite! Here's the recipe I use (I've made this a lot!). I usually omit the nuts, I think it gives it a strange taste/ texture.

Krista got so many beautiful handmade gifts; there were some talented women in that room!

The loot! Those babies are going to be stylin'

The whole group. Thanks everyone for coming!

Noele, Avery, Krista, Me and Claire.

Here a few fun links to other recipes and things we made, I just don't have pictures!
Bath Fizz Party Favors (pink and blue of course!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Claire's first halloween! She was the cutest lady bug I've ever seen. I figure I only have maybe another year or two to pick her costumes, so I chose the most ridiculous, cutest little baby costume I could find :) 

Haha the chubby cheeks spilling out of her costume just get me every time!

And because I was too lazy to actually carve our pumpkins (I figured "Claire will never remember, so I'm going to be lazy and not make a mess!") I used the cricut to decorate them.

The baby pumpkin, complete with hair bow.