Friday, November 25, 2011

Denver: The Last Day

Like I said before, this last day deserves it's own post. I was so glad to be home after that day.

We started out our morning trying to get things packed up and ready to go. Drew had to present his paper in the 9:45am to 11:15am session and we had to be checked out of the hotel by noon. We scrambled to get everything packed and dropped some of it off downstairs in the luggage check. Drew was working on his presentation until the last minute and Claire was being fussy. Our friend Devina offered to watch Claire for me so I could go sit in on Drew's presentation. 
Let me tell you, there is nothing like a room of engineers to make you feel stupid. Drew was the last presentation, so we had to sit through four others before his. There were so many formulas/equations and engineering lingo that I could start to feel my eyes glaze over. 
Drew finally got to present and he did great! I'm so proud :)
After the presentation we went to pick up Claire and finish checking out of the hotel. We finally got checked out a little before noon but our shuttle wasn't supposed to be there to pick us up until almost 5:00 pm. We went back to the convention center and ate lunch and then headed back to the hotel lobby to try to get Claire to nap. Well that was pretty unsuccessful; she was so enamored with all the people and sounds of the lobby that she would go to sleep. Drew finally walked laps around the lobby with her until she fell asleep on him. When she woke up we knew we needed to find somewhere else to sit (we were in the bar of the lobby; not exactly baby friendly).
The third floor of the hotel was a ballroom with a huge lobby that no one was using, so we made a little spot of the floor and let Claire play for a little bit. She loved looking out the floor to ceiling windows.

Haha this next picture cracks me up. Drew was clicking away and happened to get this lovely one. We both were dying laughing when we saw it. Maybe we'll save this one for her wedding slide show someday ;)

We had finally killed enough time so we caught our shuttle and headed to the airport. Claire slept in her carseat the whole way to the airport which was awesome. She was so in need of that nap.
We get to the check in counter and yet again the guy gives me crap about needing her shot record. 
(I should note that I asked the guy in Portland if I should call and get her shot records before our next flight, to which he told me not to worry about it because he already fixed it in the system)
He finally got us all checked in and we went to find out gate, which meant going through the dreaded security again. Claire woke up a little before we got to the security gate, and was not to happy that we didn't get her out of her car seat right away. We finally get all our stuff into bins and through the metal detector and of course Claire starts crying because she's hungry, but her bottle is being inspected. We grab all our stuff and start heading toward the gate, while Claire is still mad about not being fed. 
Oh and did I mention how annoying the denver airport is? We had to get in the elevator to go down to security, then back up to get to the train that would eventually take us to the C terminal, where we had to find yet another elevator to get the gate. Gah! 
Claire was so mad/hungry I had to feed her on the train. 
We finally get to the terminal (yay!) and then see our flight has been delayed 30 minutes (boo!).
We get dinner and try to get Claire settled and happy. Then the flight gets delayed another twenty minutes. This is when I start to panic. Why you ask? Well because I am stupid and only packed enough formula for two more bottles, which normally would have been enough but the more they delay the more worried I am about Claire having enough to eat. So I decide to go on a hunt for some formula, just in case. Well three stores later and it's pretty clear that they don't sell formula in the airport. And to make matters better, our flight is now going to be an hour and a half late. Needless to say I am a total stress case at this point. I'm trying to run through my head how I can make it work. "If she sleeps 'x' amount and I feed her 'x' amount then and 'x' amount later, she might be okay until 'x' time".
We finally get on the flight an hour and half late. Claire is fussy and tired but is having a hard time going to sleep in my arms. We ration out the forumla two ounces at a time, trying to feed her a little bit, frequently so she'll stay full. I finally get her to sleep and the captain starts telling talking over the intercom which of course startles Claire awake. I want to tell him that no one really cares how high we are flying but I'm sure they will care when my child starts screaming because you woke her up. Luckily I get her to go back to sleep without too much fussing. And finally, we land. I have never been so happy to get off an airplane in my life. 

Needless to say, next time we travel, Claire may just be spending some quality time with her grandparents :)

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