Thursday, December 29, 2011

6 Months!

My sweet girl turned 6 months old on Christmas! 
I am in shock that it has been half a year already. I feel like it was just yesterday that I brought her home from the hospital.

She had her 6 month check up appointment today; here are her stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 5 oz (95th percentile)
Height: 29" (100th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.5" (90th percentile)

Here are some happenings this month:

-Claire started eating solid food. She's not a huge fan of vegetables so I usually have to mix those in with a little bit of fruit. She LOVES prunes and bananas.

-She's growing like crazy! She's now in 9 months onsies and pants, and is actually starting to wear her 12 month pajamas. Her feet are also huge; she's now in a size 3.

-Claire has discovered herself in the mirror, and boy does she love herself! She gets so excited when she sees herself. The other day I put her in her swing while I was packing to leave for the weekend and she saw herself in the mirror of the mobile. Here is her reaction:

-Sleeping is a big issue this month. Claire's new favorite trick is to roll from her back to her stomach. The only problem is she wont roll back, so she gets stuck and gets upset. We finally bought a sleep positioner to keep her from rolling, but then she learned how to roll over in place. We are getting up anywhere between 3 to 8 times a night just to roll her back over and give her the pacifier. I'm really hoping this stage ends soon!

-We're working on sitting alone. She usually does okay for 10-30 seconds but starts to fall to either side.

-She eats about 6 oz of formula every 3.5-4 hours. Until a few days ago she was eating soilds once a day, right after her first morning nap. We've started feeding her a second time right after her last nap of the day.

-Claire loves loves loves her jumparoo. It's so funny to watch her get excited and start jumping like crazy!

And here she is a few more times, just because I think she's adorable :)

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