Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some R&R

I wish R&R stood for rest and relaxation, but for now it's standing for Recipes and Resolutions.

I'm not usually one to make hard, fast resolutions, more like "goals". 
One of my goals for this year was to try new recipes and make more of our foods from scratch. 

I usually go through a phase of trying new recipes and foods, and then fizzle out and end up eating the same staple recipes over and over again. Claire's nap time has been falling perfectly in time for me to watch the Rachel Ray show. Seriously, my mouth waters just watching it. We've had one of her cook books for about 2 years now and we've only made a few things from it. I'm hoping to utilize it more this year!

Here are three of my new favorite recipes, all from pinterest.

Like I said before, one of my goals was to make more of our foods from scratch, I started this week with some homemade pita bread and hummus. Pita bread=success. Hummus= not so much. Maybe I need a different recipe.

You can find the pita bread recipe {here}
We used some of the pita bread as actual bread, then I took the rest and turned them into pita chips. Yummy!
Cut the pitas in half, then use a knife around the edges to separate the top and bottom of the pocket. I used a pizza cutter to cut the bread into triangles. Brush with a little butter and sprinkle with garlic salt. Bake at 325 degrees for 10 min.
Verdict: The pita bread is delicious, cheap and easy to make, but it is very time consuming (you let it rise/rest at least 3 times!).

Another new recipe we tried was {Chicken Enchilada Soup}.
I improvised a little bit since I didn't have bell pepper, jalapeƱo, or cotija cheese, and I added a little less ancho chili powder. In the end it still had plenty of spice to it! I did add a little pepper-jack cheese and sour cream to the top when I served it. So yummy! This will be a new staple soup in our house; and as a bonus it can be thrown in the crockpot on a busy night! 

Oh and if you haven't already used {this} method for shredding your chicken, you should. It will change your chicken shredding life.

And my last, but possibly favorite new recipe (I've actually been using it for a couple months now) is {this} pizza dough. 
This is our favorite pizza so far: Chicken Bacon Ranch

Not only does it taste great, but it freezes awesome! I love being able to make 2 batches at a time and stick the other three (each batch is enough for two pizzas between  Drew and I) in the freezer. I just pull one packet of dough out the morning of and it's thawed in the fridge by dinner time. I bake mine at 475 instead of the 500 degrees she suggests; I've found the crust is better that way. I'm going to be making my next batch with whole wheat flour (another goal is to eat better) and I'm sure it will be just as yummy!

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  1. Good for you, that pita bread looks awesome! If you don't use whole wheat already in baked goods, I would definitively recommend using whole wheat pastry flour when making muffins, cakes, etc. It creates a really light baked good, but is still good for you!