Monday, January 30, 2012

Wrapped around her finger...

Drew and I were both pretty aware since we found out that we were having a girl that he would be a sucker for her. And I happen to think it's adorable :)

My hubby is the best daddy ever. I cannot get over how much he loves his little girl. I love to watch her face when he comes home from work because she gets so excited to see him. She waves her arms like crazy and squeals with delight. It's possibly the cutest thing ever.

The other day I came into the living room to see my loves playing on the floor, having a daddy-daughter tea party!

Finishing off her tea with some banana 

Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle (and Dayna too!) for getting Claire her first tea set for Christmas. Although, Drew and I now walk around with the tea pot song stuck in our heads all day long.

One little tea pot ready for some tea, two little cups, one for you and me! Three tasty treats, just enough to share, shaped like a circle, triangle, and square!

Oh my. I think I should go take the batteries out now.....


  1. This is adorable. Yay drew! You are one blessed lady!!

  2. ahhh! I started laughing so hard out loud when I saw that first picture... SO cute! You are making me want a little girl.... :-)

  3. Blessed indeed are little girls who have daddies like Drew! Real men aren't afraid to have a tea party! You are a man of great worth, Drew, and we are so proud to have you in our family! Love ... Papa & Grandma