Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Seattle Weekend

We spent the weekend visting our friends Shannon, Byung, and Doug, who all live in the Seattle area. Shannon's grandma graciously let us use her beach house while we were there. It was so great to not have to worry about staying at a hotel with Claire! Our friends Kelsey and Matt joined us on Saturday, so we had a full weekend of hanging out with friends. 
The house was awesome; right across from the water and on a great little street with lots of cute restaurants. We were really lucky to have such great weather too! We took a few walks down the beach, and went into downtown and walked around Pikes place and did some shopping. 

Claire was such a trooper! She's not the biggest fan of being strapped into her carseat for long periods, but we made it there and back without any major meltdowns. And she slept great in the pack n play, even with her nap schedule being thrown off!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend

 Someone has recently discovered the camera.
 Okay, I had to include this picture. Claire has recently been tilting her head to the side and giving a very serious look when she's interested in something. Drew just happend the catch the look on camera while we were in Seattle. It makes me giggle just look at it!

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  1. I LOVE the last pic of Claire. So precious. So, so much personality bursting out. Glad you had a nice weekend away.