Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Easter Basket

A while ago I saw these super cute personalized easter baskets on, but they were almost $30! If Claire is only going to use it once a year, there was no way I was going to pay that much for it to sit in storage. 
I went in search of a plain colored tin pail, but after looking at four different stores I still couldn't find one. Finally, I found one at Target for $5.00. It's not plain colored but I think the polka dots are even cuter!
I bought some orange and white vinyl and used my cricut to make the label and letters.
  And just what do you put in a 9 month olds Easter basket you ask? That's a good question! I had no idea what to stick in there since she's not really ready for chocolate bunnies and easter eggs, so here's my list of random things we put in her basket:
-Owl sippy cup with a straw
-Fisher Price toy camera
-Beach ball 
-Stuffed lamb
-The new Muppets movie (Daddy love's the muppets, so this will be their movie when Claire gets a little bigger)
-Peach yogurt melts (not pictured)

Little stinker decided to come help me....I think someone is eager to get into her new toys!

All together the bucket and vinyl only cost me about $8.00. Way better than $30.00 and shipping!


  1. Very cute! I have a little Claire too and I love owl things for her. Where did you find the owl sippy cup??

    1. I found the owl sippy at Target! They have some cute little bowls and plates that match it too!

  2. Great, I figured it was probably Target because it looked like their owl bathroom stuff from there! I'll have to go find one. Thanks!