Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge

This summer Young House Love and Bower Power hosted a pinterest challenge. The whole idea came from the fact that those of us who love pinterest often pin a million things and never do any of them! I'll admit I haven't done nearly as many of the projects I've pinned that I would like to, but I have done quite a few. 
The two blogs joined forces (with a few other blogs too) to host a winter edition of the pinterest challenge. Since I decided {here} that I was going to find new recipes this year, I decided I would join the challenge and do all pinterest recipes for a week.

Here is what our weekly menu looked like:

Result: DELICIOUS! Drew did this on the grill but the recipe does give instructions to do it in the over as well. She says it will form a paste but I found it to be more of a marinade. 

Result: Drew really liked these! I thought they were pretty good but not as spicy as I thought they would be. I used a mexican rice mix rather than white rice with the spices she suggested. 


Result: So-so. I thought the chicken would be really moist and delicious but it seemed a little dry. The fried rice was pretty good though!

Result: Really lemony, and Drew and I usually love lemon! The recipe says to layer the bottom of the pan with lemon, which I think is what made the green beans over lemony. Otherwise really yummy! I think next time I'll skip the lemon slices on the bottom.

Disclaimer: This is kind of a cheat since I combined bits and pieces of this recipe with {this} one too! I tried the ricotta stuffed recipe this summer and wasn't impressed with the flavor, so I used the basil and parmesan recipe for the filling and the 2nd recipe for the panko and baking instructions. It turned out really yummy!

We left for a weekend in Bend on Friday, so while it's not a dinner recipe, I did make a pinterest snack recipe!

Result: Yummy! At least I can assume so since Drew devoured most of them in a day ;)

Surprisingly a pretty successful week of new recipes. I always get so nervous to try new recipes, in fear that dinner will be ruined. I did warn Drew as the beginning of the week that we may being having take out if things didn't go well!

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