Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Months!

Oh my, we're now in the double digits! How on earth has the last 10 months gone by so fast?? 
The 10 months I was pregnant certainly did not go by this fast.

-This month has brought many bumps and a few bruises now that Claires is cruising around the furniture and getting into all sorts of trouble. It's amazing how far those little arms can stretch to get things she's not supposed to have.

-Claire's new favorite game is "night-night". If we put a pillow or stuffed animal on the floor, Claire will race over and put her head down like she's sleeping. She likes it even more when we lay on the floor and tell her we're going night-night. She gets so excited she usually head butts us as she crawls over to lay down with us. This usually leads to a giggle fit on her part. It's pretty darn cute, even though it usually leaves Drew and I with a nice head ache.

-Sleeping through the night again....thank goodness!

-Claire's first Easter. We spent the weekend in Portland with family, and Claire thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention and playing with the shiny eggs that great grandma brought her.

-Claire finally figured out clapping! She's been waving her hands around for months now but she finally figured out how to get them together. She always has the proudest look on her face when she's clapping. She especially loves to clap while dancing to music, her other new talent.

-While Claire has been crawling for over a month now, this month she figured out that she can crawl away from us as well as towards us. She gets this sneaky little grin on her face and starts crawling like the speed of lightening when we start walking towards her. Needless to say, this is my view of her most days now:

-Claire says "mama", "dada", and we think she's been saying "dog" when she see my parents dog. Of course of all the words "dada" seems to be her favorite; so much for my wishful thinking that mama would be her first word!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Sometimes I just sit back and watching Claire play. 
She's so independent already. Even if Drew and I sit on the floor and try to play with her, she would usually rather crawl off and play on her own most the time. This gives us the chance to just sit back and watch her discover. I love watching her play, and discover new things, you can just see her little mind concentrating so hard on the task she's working on.

Of course when I get out the camera to get pictures she books it over and tries to smudge up the lens with finger prints. I was finally stealthy enough the other day to get a few pictures of her playing.

Oh my sweet girl, I can't believe how grown up you are already!

* Notice her lips in all these pictures? Yes, those pursed lips mean pure concentration!*

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Sunny Weekend

We finally had three nice days in a row, and it just so happend to fall on the weekend! It's so nice when that happens, that way we can all enjoy the sun as a family.

Saturday morning, after nap, we headed into Corvallis to get some veggies from the farmers market. After we got some stuff for dinner, we went and had a family lunch at American Dream. We were hoping to sit outside but all the tables were filled-oh well.

That night we made a delicious dinner of {roasted carrot salad}, {balsamic-garlic crusted pork tenderloin}, rosemary finerling potatoes, and {strawberry cheesecake cupcakes} for dessert. And to top it all off, we got to eat outside! 

*Please excuse the poor pictures, they're from my iphone*

Sunday I woke up with a massive migraine so we spent the morning lounging around the house. In the afternoon we decided we had to get our an enjoy the rare sunshine, so we went to the park near our house. It was pretty crowded, and Claire still can't do much more than the swings, so we did a lap around the park and then spent some time on the swings.

Such a great weekend, with great weather (finally!).

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Official!

We'll be Portland bound in a little over a month!

This summer Drew was working for Blount International, and at the end of the summer he received a letter of intent. After months of waiting, Drew got his official offer letter on Wednesday. It's such a huge blessing and relief to know that our days living on a masters student salary are soon coming to an end.

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of my hubby! He's been working his behind off grading papers, working internships, and writing his thesis to be able to get to this point.

I've been staying in Gresham this week with my brother while my parents lounge on a beach in Hawaii, so I've been using the time to look for a new place. As of yesterday we got word that our application for a great little condo near Drew's work got approved. We move the end of May!

It's all happening so fast, but we are so excited for this new stage in our lives to begin

And a parting picture of my little girl, just because I think she's cute!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever, but not for lack of content! It's actually the opposite, we have been so crazy busy lately. Our holiday weekend started out kinda lame; Drew called me Friday as he was about to leave for Portland to let me know someone broke the window in his car and stole his frisbee golf stuff. While we're glad it was just a disc golf bag and some discs, the broken window and the fact that, that was my wedding present to Drew kinda put a damper on the day.
Saturday my parents were leaving for Hawaii for 2 weeks (lucky little bums!) so we did a mini Easter celebration with them before they left. Claire opened her easter basket from grandma and grandpa, and has been thoroughly entertained with the bubbles they got her.

 This was Claire before church...Poor babe was already so tired!

Since Claire was exhausted, these are best family pictures we could get, and trust me, there were a lot of outtakes! 

I made Claire's dress for Easter and I was so excited for her to wear it. Of course I just wanted a few good pictures of her in it, and this is what I got instead. Oh well...

It was so much fun watching Claire open her Easter basket, I love watching her discover her new things.

 She especially loved the shiny Easter eggs that Great Grandma brought over for her.

We had such a nice Easter with family. Claire was exhausted by the end of the day! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated 9 month post!

Just got back from Claire's 9 month well baby appointment. Here updated height and weight are posted {here}.

But for those of you who would like to just hear it here, here it is:

Height: 30.75" (Above the 100th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs. 15 oz. (92nd percentile)

And to kick it all off, Claire tested advanced in all her developmental milestones. 
We have one long, adorable, and very smart little girl!