Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10 Months!

Oh my, we're now in the double digits! How on earth has the last 10 months gone by so fast?? 
The 10 months I was pregnant certainly did not go by this fast.

-This month has brought many bumps and a few bruises now that Claires is cruising around the furniture and getting into all sorts of trouble. It's amazing how far those little arms can stretch to get things she's not supposed to have.

-Claire's new favorite game is "night-night". If we put a pillow or stuffed animal on the floor, Claire will race over and put her head down like she's sleeping. She likes it even more when we lay on the floor and tell her we're going night-night. She gets so excited she usually head butts us as she crawls over to lay down with us. This usually leads to a giggle fit on her part. It's pretty darn cute, even though it usually leaves Drew and I with a nice head ache.

-Sleeping through the night again....thank goodness!

-Claire's first Easter. We spent the weekend in Portland with family, and Claire thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention and playing with the shiny eggs that great grandma brought her.

-Claire finally figured out clapping! She's been waving her hands around for months now but she finally figured out how to get them together. She always has the proudest look on her face when she's clapping. She especially loves to clap while dancing to music, her other new talent.

-While Claire has been crawling for over a month now, this month she figured out that she can crawl away from us as well as towards us. She gets this sneaky little grin on her face and starts crawling like the speed of lightening when we start walking towards her. Needless to say, this is my view of her most days now:

-Claire says "mama", "dada", and we think she's been saying "dog" when she see my parents dog. Of course of all the words "dada" seems to be her favorite; so much for my wishful thinking that mama would be her first word!

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  1. Oh my ... I hope your Nana can keep up with you today, little one! Maybe we'll both take a nap!