Thursday, June 28, 2012

House Tour: Claire's Room

I'm finally getting around to get pictures of Claire's room! Now that the 1st birthday extravaganza is done, I'm finally getting the house in order and pictures taken.

One of the best things about this rental is that we can paint! 
When we first looked at the house, Claire's room looked like this:

When the owner moved out, they very graciously painted over the huge submarine mural, so the room was a blank slate.

 *sorry a few of the pictures are dark/blurry. I was trying to race to get them taken before Claire pulled all her toys out!*

It's hard to get a good picture of the paint color, but the color is 'Deepest Aqua' by Glidden. I wanted to pick something fun and modern. I pulled the aqua from the two quilts in her room (one from me and one from Grandma Arnold). 

I have a real love hate relationship with this recliner. Drew will not let me get rid of this thing, even though I think it is so ugly (though I will admit, very comfortable). I actually had it hidden in the guest room for a while, and had the rocking chair we refinished in her room. Then Claire started teething again, which led to long rocking sessions, so for everyones comfort the recliner made a return to Claire's room.

We keep a little basket with the wipes container, and a few diapers on top of the dresser. We also have a small bird nightlight (Target), a sound machine (Amazon), and of course some Purel for when life gets a little messy.

Okay this may seem boring, but when I was pregnant and trying to organize Claire's dresser I always wondered how other mom's organized theirs. So here is what I stick in our 6 drawer dresser:

Drawer 1: Onsies. Long sleeves on one side and short sleeves on the other. On a good colors and whites are separated. 

Drawers 2 & 3: Diapers. Pretty self explanatory 

Second Row, Drawer 1: Pants. I try to keep leggings in the smaller bin and pants in the larger. As you can see, real life isn't always so neat and tidy ;)

Second Row, Drawer 2: Pajamas. Separated by fleece, cotton, and two pieces.

Second Row, Drawer 3: Hair Bands and swim suits. I keep most of Claire's hair flowers and bows in her closet on a bow holder, but her headbands and some hats and accessories are in this basket. 

 Third Row, Drawer 1: Socks, Shoes, and Tights. I keep white socks and colored socks in different bins, and I try to keep the tights somewhat organized.

Third Row, Drawers 2 & 3- Random. These drawers are a bit messy looking since they are mostly random stuff. One drawer has extra crib sheets and a few blankets in it, the other has bibs, burb rags, and a few infant toys.

That's Claire's room! We still need to hang her book ledges, and I want to find or make her a mini lounger, or some sort of seating to put in the corner for a book nook eventually, but it's slowly coming together.

Monday, June 25, 2012

12 Months!

My sweet girl is now a one year old; a toddler. Holy cow.

I am in complete denial.

I cannot believe its been a whole year since this sweet little bundle was placed into my arms after hours and hours of labor. I cannot believe how much has changed and how smart my beautiful little girl is! This post may be extra long as I get extra emotional and try to document all the things I want to remember.

-This girl ever sits still, as you can tell from her monthly picture. Claire's been walking everywhere! She's still a little unstable but boy is she determined.

-Claire signs 'all done' 'more' and 'please'. We're still working on 'thank you'.

-Babbles and talks all the time! Her words that we can understand are "mama", "dada", "down", "book", and "dog". She also does the cutest/weirdest version of "tickle tickle"; it's hilarious!

-Claire has become obsessed with pictures on the wall this month. She'll beg you to pick her up then point that she wants to go look at the pictures. She especially loved the photo collage of her self for her first birthday party:

-Her favorite activity seems to be taking things off shelves or out of boxes. The favorite right now is to take all the spices, dvd's, and cook books off of the shelves. She takes them down one at a time and looks at each one before carefully putting it on the ground.

-Blows kisses, wave's 'hi' and 'bye', gives kisses on the lips and can show you were her head and tummy are. 
blowing mommy kisses bye!

-Claire has been spending lots of time in her little pool lately! I can't believe how much she loves it. If I go over to the screen door she comes racing over and cries if we can't go outside to swim.

-Takes two naps a day, usually around 9:30 am and again around 2:00 pm. Goes to bed around 7:00pm and sleeps until 6:30am.

-Claire is completely switched over to whole milk now, and she loves it! When she sees me grab her cup and open the fridge she gets so excited. She drinks about 20 oz a day, which we are trying to cut back on a bit, much to Claire's dismay. 

-Her favorite foods are kiwi, cucumber, string cheese and strawberries. She eats amazingly with a fork if we put food on it for her. 

-Claire and daddy went on their first bike ride together this summer! We found a almost new bike trailer on craigslist for only $50 (love me some good craiglist deals)! It's nice to be able to send Drew and Claire off for some bonding time while I get stuff done around the house :)

-This girl can dance! She's not picky as to which song, but she does have a soft spot for boy bands. If One Direction comes on the radio she really gets into it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

1st Birthday Party: Circus Theme!

Well we made it. Claire is out like a light as I type this, she is one partied out little girl!

We had about 35 people (almost all family!) over for Claire's birthday today. It was crazy trying to pack everyone into our tiny downstairs but I'm so glad everyone was there to come celebrate our girl!

Months ago as I was scouring the internet for party themes, I found some adorable circus/ carnival parties and I was sold. Thank goodness for pinterest, I found so many great ideas on there!

I opted to buy the design for the invites and print them myself. It's usually cheaper, and buying through etsy is a great way to support small businesses! I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I bought a custom invite plan through Printable Candee Designs. She did such a great job! I sent her a few ideas and the first design she came with was exactly what I wanted. The frame cuts it off a little bit, but you get the idea :)

The cupcakes!
I found the cupcake cups on Zulily, so I'm not sure where you can buy them.

 I wanted to try to stick with circus-y type foods, so we served peanuts, pretzels, animal crackers and dip, mini pigs in a blanket, and french fries.

I saw this adorable idea to serve "french fry shooters" on pinterest. Well if there is anything I've learned from pinterest, it's that not everything on there is as great at it looks. One, mine did not look at cute as the ones I saw, two, when french fries get cold they are not yummy, and three, french fries sitting in ketchup get soggy. Yes, I know, I should have thought about all the before but I was caught up in crazy party planning mode.

The punch for the mini elephants is Martha Stewart, but I was too cheap to buy the $14 punch that I knew I would use once, so instead I bought 50 of each color for a grand total of $3 including shipping from Sanwayna's Little Creations on Etsy. 

The paper straws are from Amazon, and the pink cups are from Party City.

I made little glass cups for the kids; here is Claire drinking from hers right before she dumped the rest of it on the floor :)

 The party favors!
The tin buckets are from the dollar section at target, and I used leftover vinyl from Claire's easter basket to cut the kids names with the cricut. The small pinwheels I found at the dollar tree in a pack of three.

I can't believe it's been a whole year! She sure grew up fast.

Claire was so excited to wake up from nap and find the Hammagren's here! She chased Luke around for a good half hour. Boy crazy already...

Playing with Uncle Justin and Aunt Riley

She was surprisingly very dainty with her smash cake. She loves sweets so I figured once she got a taste she would dig right in, but she was content to just lightly dip her finger in the frosting and eat that.

Opening her presents; she is one spoiled little girl!

Grandpa Arnold built the doll cradle you see below, and Grandma Arnold made her baby doll a quilt and diaper bag to go with it!

Claire got her first car! Grandma and Grandpa Hanson found this pedal car and painted it to match the colors of Great Grandpa Hanson's Chevy Impala. She can't quit reach the pedals yet but she already loves just sitting in it!

Even after everyone left Claire was playing hard! She especially loved banging together her new pots and pans from Uncle Steve, Aunt Denee, and cousin Henri. She got some amazing presents (including the most adorable pair of Tom's you have ever seen and a zoo membership from my parents!)
We are so blessed by all the gifts but most of all we are grateful for all the amazing family members and friends that have been part of Claire's life for the last year. It meant so much to us to have so many people here to celebrate her life.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Summer Swim

I was going to save these for a Wordless Wednesday post, but I personally think these pictures are too cute to wait two more days! 

We finally had a some warm sunshine today, so I dug out Claire's plastic pool from the garage. Being the nice mother that I am, I painstakingly filled it with warm water from the mixing bowl full at a time. But it was so worth it, Claire was loving it!

I think the pigtails just push me over the edge. Serious cuteness overload!

How can you resist a swimsuit with a ruffle butt?!