Monday, June 25, 2012

12 Months!

My sweet girl is now a one year old; a toddler. Holy cow.

I am in complete denial.

I cannot believe its been a whole year since this sweet little bundle was placed into my arms after hours and hours of labor. I cannot believe how much has changed and how smart my beautiful little girl is! This post may be extra long as I get extra emotional and try to document all the things I want to remember.

-This girl ever sits still, as you can tell from her monthly picture. Claire's been walking everywhere! She's still a little unstable but boy is she determined.

-Claire signs 'all done' 'more' and 'please'. We're still working on 'thank you'.

-Babbles and talks all the time! Her words that we can understand are "mama", "dada", "down", "book", and "dog". She also does the cutest/weirdest version of "tickle tickle"; it's hilarious!

-Claire has become obsessed with pictures on the wall this month. She'll beg you to pick her up then point that she wants to go look at the pictures. She especially loved the photo collage of her self for her first birthday party:

-Her favorite activity seems to be taking things off shelves or out of boxes. The favorite right now is to take all the spices, dvd's, and cook books off of the shelves. She takes them down one at a time and looks at each one before carefully putting it on the ground.

-Blows kisses, wave's 'hi' and 'bye', gives kisses on the lips and can show you were her head and tummy are. 
blowing mommy kisses bye!

-Claire has been spending lots of time in her little pool lately! I can't believe how much she loves it. If I go over to the screen door she comes racing over and cries if we can't go outside to swim.

-Takes two naps a day, usually around 9:30 am and again around 2:00 pm. Goes to bed around 7:00pm and sleeps until 6:30am.

-Claire is completely switched over to whole milk now, and she loves it! When she sees me grab her cup and open the fridge she gets so excited. She drinks about 20 oz a day, which we are trying to cut back on a bit, much to Claire's dismay. 

-Her favorite foods are kiwi, cucumber, string cheese and strawberries. She eats amazingly with a fork if we put food on it for her. 

-Claire and daddy went on their first bike ride together this summer! We found a almost new bike trailer on craigslist for only $50 (love me some good craiglist deals)! It's nice to be able to send Drew and Claire off for some bonding time while I get stuff done around the house :)

-This girl can dance! She's not picky as to which song, but she does have a soft spot for boy bands. If One Direction comes on the radio she really gets into it!

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