Friday, June 1, 2012

House Tour: The Living Room

We're still slowly settling in, room by room, to our new place. I know with Claire I'll never be able to get the entire house presentable at once for a picture tour, so I figured I could get at least one room at a time presentable!

Here is the living room, looking down from the stairs. You can see a tiny bit of the dining room to the left.

 The view from the hallway/ entryway.

This is actually taken from the kitchen, looking over the island. I love how open the space is, it makes it so much easier to watch Claire while I cook and clean.

And here is what the living room usually looks like. Coffee table pushed out the way for Claire to play, no glass vase of flowers, a wipes packages shoved under the couch for emergencies, and usually toys all over the floor. Ahh life with an almost toddler.


  1. You have a lovely living room! It looks like it's very open and I always like houses like that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was just wondering how long the vase with flowers would last when I finished reading your blog ... LOL. Now the question is: How long will the curtains last? Personally, we love the world of toddlers (bring her over sometime!!!)

  3. I was wondering how the vase of flowers survived with a toddler!