Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 4th, and beyond!

We have had a packed full "weekend"! Drew had the fourth of July off, so after Claire's nap we headed over to a BBQ with our friend Eddie and Laura, who's little girl Ruby, is 4 days older than Claire. We had never been able to hang out with the babies before and it was so much fun watching them interact and see their different personalities. 

Ruby is too cute; I'm a little jealous of the adorable rolls she has, Claire is such a skinny minny!

The girls played in the pool together for a bit before the bed time meltdowns started.

Claire did have a swimsuit on at one point. We took her out and got her undressed to dry her off and she made a quick escape back to the pool!

Thursday night Drew and I went and saw the new spiderman movie at Cinetopia since our groupon was about to expire. Thanks mom for watching Claire :) Then after we got home, Drew's parents came to stay the weekend with us. 

Friday we planned to go berry picking with Drew's family while he was in Corvallis working on some thesis stuff, but at the last minute we ended up staying home while the others went to berry pick. The farm was an hour away from our house, and I knew Claire wouldn't last long after an hour car ride there and back!

Saturday was Daylan's bridal shower, and then that evening we had our neighborhood potluck. Sorry I don't have any pictures, I was either busy enjoying my time without a baby, or I was busy chasing a baby around :)

Sunday we went to a BBQ picnic with my parents church. Claire was loving watching all the big kids run around and play. You can tell the poor girl just wants to be able to keep up!

Monday night (I know, not technically the weekend) our friends Tommy and Katie got engaged! We had all planned to go to the airport to document the occasion but Katie's flight kept getting delayed so I stayed home and put Claire to bed. 

sorry about the terrible airport lighting!

Tommy gathered quite the crowd of strangers when they saw his sign!

The happy engaged couple!

Needless to say we all slept like rocks after our crazy weekend!

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