Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Great Outdoors

We had lofty plans last year to go camping with Claire (yes, as in camping with a newborn), but alas, living every other week at my parents and our crazy travel schedule somewhat prevented that. Well we finally made it out camping again!

Growing up, every summer we had an annual family campout with my mom's side of the family. As everyone started to get busier with life and family started to move to various parts of the country the campouts became every other year. It's been three years now since our last one, so we were a little overdue!

I will say I was a little worried about camping with a one year old. My biggest concern?
How the heck was I going to get Claire to nap and sleep well in a bright tent with a campground full of noises?
Well as usual my little girl surprised me and slept awesome! We brought her sound machine to help drown out some of the other nosies and I think she was so exhausted from playing with all her second cousins, exploring, and playing in the dirt, that she couldn't help but crash as soon as we laid her down.

Here's what each day looked like for Claire:

 Of course every good camping day starts out with coffee
(don't worry the cup is empty!)

Then some scrambled eggs with Grandma...
 ...and a little play time with Grandpa's truck. 
Claire was loving the chrome on the truck, as it made for a nice make shift mirror

And after all the playing a girl needs to take a little break.

A walk with Daddy

Is there anything cuter than a girl in carhartt overalls and converse?!

All that exploring leads to a nap in the tent.

Wake up and off to the playground with Krista

My sweet little girl 

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  1. Welcome to the first of many family camp outs, Claire! You were a trooper and so much fun to watch as you explored!