Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mini Artist

I'm slowly working through my denial that my baby is now a toddler, and in doing so, we've been trying to do more grown up activities around the house.

This week we busted out the (washable) crayons. Claire did better than I thought! There were still a few times that I looked over and she had crayon in her mouth, but she did end up with more on the paper than anywhere else, so I call that a success. 

We tested out chalk earlier in the day, hence the pink all over her shirt :)

And of course, as any crazy mother would do, I took a two minute video of Claire coloring. 
Yes, two whole minutes.
Feel free to watch the first few seconds but I realize I'm probably the only one who would think 2 minutes of Claire coloring is that fascinating.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I was a cool mom...

...I would have gotten this little guy out of the box and brought him over for Claire to see. But instead, I am a scardy mom and I shrieked and grabbed Claire and went inside.

This little guy scared me half to death when I went to reach for a glove!

I did end up showing her the little frog from inside, where I had a nice sliding glass door as protection. I think we'll leave the bugs, amphibians, and insects up to daddy :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Where the wild things are

Claire got a zoo membership for her birthday (Thanks mom and dad!) and we finally had a little down time to use it. Not only that, but we used in twice in a week and a half! 

Our first trip was a semi last minute trip with my friends, Kristin and Aleah, and Aleah's son Max. It was so fun! I think Kristin may have enjoyed it more than the babes :)

 We even got to check out our new stroller in doubles mode!

Checkin out the fish with Auntie Kristin.

My mom takes Friday's off work, so the next week she came with us. Claire was loving having grammy around!
*sorry the photos aren't that great, the lighting was pretty minimal in the caves*

 Haha this picture cracks me up, with her little booty sticking out. The fish really mesmerized her!

The sea lion was so fun to watch, he would come right up to the window where Claire was standing and flip around.

Polar Bear!
 (and some other little kid too haha)

We also stopped by the goat petting zoo. I was surprised Claire had no fear at all! She just walked right up to the goats and started petting them. I didn't get any pictures as I was trying to make sure she didn't stick any body parts in their mouths :)

I can tell already this is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. It's so nice to be able to get out of the house and see all the fun animals!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We've been trying to encourage Claire to talk more, especially when she is upset.

Today as Claire was getting upset, I asked her to use her words, to which Claire replied "No".

Touché child, touché.

At least she's using her words I suppose :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Randoms

I swore I was going to be such a good blogger this summer, and document all the fun things we've been doing, but this summer has really gotten away from me! I cannot believe how fast time has flown by. 
I've been pretty lame at getting pictures of actual events, but here is what we've been up to:

- I turned 24 over our family campout a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what it is about 24, but all of a sudden a feel old!

- I recently accepted a assistant coaching position for a junior high (7th and 8th grade) Varsity cheerleading team. I'm really excited to be getting back into a sport that I loved so much in high school!  Practices start tomorrow and I'm a little nervous, but really excited to have something to do outside of the house.

-Drew is still plugging away on his thesis. He's hoping to be able to be done and defend by the beginning of fall term (end of September). We went down to Corvallis with a him a few weeks ago. While he worked on his paper, I went to a baby shower for my friend Sara! She's expecting their 2nd (a little girl named Lily!) mid September. Claire and I were also able to squeeze in a play date with Becca and Luke!

-Claire and I go to the gym about every other day. Mommy works out and Claire plays in the child care room. I think she has lots of fun playing with the other kids, but I can't help but worry about her! From the looks of it when I go to pick her up, its harder on me than on her. I caught her trying to give kisses to one of the older boys when I went to pick her. She's trouble already....

-We've been using the pool at the gym a lot lately too! Claire is loving her little round floaty and flirting with the old men swimming laps.

After writing it down, it sure doesn't seem like much, but between playing with Claire, running errands and cleaning house it sure seems to keep us busy! Now we're gearing up for Drew's sisters wedding, and a few last minute travels and visitors before the summer ends.

I'm hoping to be better about getting pictures, but in the meantime, here are some random pictures from the summer.

Homemade play dough!

 This picture cracks me up; such attitude already.

Checkin out the football field on our evening walk

 Someone was so excited to welcome Daddy home she forgot her pants!