Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I was a cool mom...

...I would have gotten this little guy out of the box and brought him over for Claire to see. But instead, I am a scardy mom and I shrieked and grabbed Claire and went inside.

This little guy scared me half to death when I went to reach for a glove!

I did end up showing her the little frog from inside, where I had a nice sliding glass door as protection. I think we'll leave the bugs, amphibians, and insects up to daddy :)


  1. I'm right with you Ashleigh!

  2. Too bad Dayna's not closer. She would have been all over that for you. Of course, this is the girl who collects cicada skins ;)

  3. Some things don't change ... I remember when you were little and caught a small fish in a toy boat ... you weren't impressed then either! Thanks for the memories!