Saturday, October 20, 2012

Children's Museum

On Thursday I was determined to get out of the house! My body has started to adjust a little more to the zofran and morning sickness, so I thought we might be safe to get out and do something fun.
We met up with my friend Aleah and her little  boy Max and went to the Portland Children's Museum.
I totally remember going when I was little and we've been there a few times in the past few years with friends and family, and I could not wait to take Claire! She is so curious and such a busy body that I knew she would love it.

Our first stop was story time, which I didn't think Claire would be too interested in, but come to find out, it was mostly just music, and Claire was ready to dance!

Then we moved on to the transportation station. Claire did not want to leave this bus! There were too many cool buttons and knobs to play with, which unfortunately led to me having to climb through a very small child size opening to get her out.

Claire loves dogs. 
I mean really loves them.
If she sees a dog on the street, a commercial  or in a book she starts barking. Luckily for her there was a vet station at the museum and she was in heaven with all the stuffed dogs to pet and bark at. 

Someone was hiding in the kennels!
Shampooing her dog

We saved the water station for last for obvious reasons. 
This girl loves water almost as much as she loves dogs. She's been known to stick her hand in a cup of water and be perfectly entertained for a good 15 minutes. 
Thankfully there were waterproof smocks because Claire splished and splashed and even dumped a full watering can of water on her face.

After she was sufficiently soaked, we were getting dangerously close to nap time (for mommy and Claire!), so we pried ourselves away and drove home. Thankfully we have a membership, so we'll be back to play again soon :)


  1. haha!!!! That picture with your little one in the cage is too funny!! Did he cry? lol!!

    1. That's actually my friend's little boy, but he didn't cry at all!

  2. I so remember taking you and your cousins to the Children's Museum ... I'm sure it was just yesterday! Love Claire's booty dance. I also remember having to climb up through a play structure to get another little girl once! Thanks for the memories!