Saturday, October 6, 2012

Next time...

When I posted {this} the other day, I thought it was the worst it was going to be.
When I was pregnant with Claire I only threw up once or twice and felt nauseous for about a month, but I was able to eat some plain pita bread and drink sprite to keep it at bay.

Well I have decided to write this so next time I think about being pregnant I can read this and remember how stinking miserable I was.

Friday morning I woke up and felt like I was about to pass out. I hadn't eaten much the night before, so I figured if I got up and ate something it would help. Well I didn't make it far before I knew it was more than just some hunger pains. 
Long story short I threw up four times in about 3 hours; that awful 'I'm so dizzy and hot, I know this wont end well' throwing up.
I tried eating a few small things in between but nothing (not even water) would stay down.  I asked Drew to call my mom and see if she could come help with Claire. Thankfully she has Friday's off and was willing to come over and help with Claire. I called the OB advice line and they told me I should go on zofran so I wouldn't become dehydrated etc...
Drew went and picked up my prescription, since there was no way I was getting out of bed. I kept thinking it would be the best relief, well unfortunately it didn't help the way I thought it would. It has helped with the vomiting but I'm still feeling pretty queasy and really dizzy. My amazing mother ran to the store and got stuff to make me a smoothie which I was able to keep down, along with some crackers.
Thanks mom, it was perfect!

Today I woke up with newfound optimism, and feeling better. Well it only lasted a little while before the medicine made me dizzy again. 
Once again my wonderful parents swooped in and called Drew and offered to take Claire overnight until Sunday. Drew has to turn in his first thesis draft tomorrow, so this made for the worst weekend for me to get sick and be unable to help. So I've spent the day laying on the couch fighting off dizziness and trying to suck down a smoothie and stuff some pretzels in my mouth, while being incredibly grateful for my amazing family and their willingness to step in and help.

So there it is, my little note to myself, for the next time I see a baby and think "I want to be pregnant again!".


  1. So sorry, Ashleigh! I don't miss that stuff at all. I hope it's short-lived for you. And yes, isn't wonderful family the best? Our parents have swooped in to help us numerous times (thinking of times when I couldn't get out of bed and one time when both Greg and I couldn't get out--yuck, yuck!)--so thankful for supportive family close-by. Hope this baby goes easier on you soon! I know Claire doesn't know me, but I'd be willing to take her sometime for a few hours if you need more help.

    1. Thanks Andrea! I'll let you know if things get bad!

  2. Oh Ashleigh! I am so sorry, too! I had a rough, rough time with Ellery-just ask Andrea and Vicki. :) Even Barry and Blake bailed us out NUMEROUS times during this last pregnancy. It is so different being pregnant with a toddler running around. I feel for you. Hang in there.
    I am much, much happier with her out than in! But I am so glad I went thru it. I was immediately happy I had endured the minute they placed he on my chest in the operating room. Sometimes I can hardly believe she is here, other times I do remember the long, long days thinking I would never make it to the end!
    And I too, am NEVER doing the pregnancy thing again. I had some special pieces removed from my body during my c-section just to ensure Ellery is our last child born from me! Let people help you. I can't wait to get more settled with 2 and be able to give back one day.

  3. Oh Ashleigh ... we're so sorry you aren't feeling good and not just because of my sewing room either ;-)

    It won't be long and we'll be happy to fill in helping out! This brings back memories for your mom, I'm sure!