Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year was Claire's first real halloween; last year she was more of a lump in a lady bug costume than anything else :) This year I found the most adorable Dorothy costume idea on pinterest. I was even able to get it finished before my morning sickness kicked in!


We spent halloween with my younger siblings while the parentals were out of state. Since they live out in the country there aren't a lot of neighbors around, which makes trick or treating tricky, we ventured out to the outlet malls for the night. 

Claire wasn't so sure about people sticking stuff in her basket, and kept trying to pull it all out. Her first piece of candy was a jolly rancher that she proceeded to carry in her empty hand the entire night. Seriously, she would not let that thing go.

A lot of stores were already out of candy or not participating this year, so after we collected a whooping 7 pieces of candy we decided to head to the church where Justin does boy scouts since they were doing a 'Trunk or Treat' in the parking lot.
Am I the only one who has never heard of these before?! 
The members or the church come and park their cars and sit in the trunks/tailgates and hand out candy. It ended up being perfect for Claire since she didn't have to walk too far from one car to the other. 

While she may not have been so sure at the beginning of the night, I think she definitely got the idea by the end. At one point I tried to take her basket since it was getting heavy; she was NOT happy about that! Heaven forbid someone take her candy! 
Oh and taking the basket away to get her in her carseat? Yeah, talk about a meltdown.

I think next year she'll be even more excited :)


This is her mischievous face

Blowing kisses!

And waving, of course.



  1. Where's the melted chocolate across the face picture?

    Sweet costume, Ash! Great job.

  2. My goodness do we miss that girl ... and the rest of the family ... really!!!