Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thesis and 14 Weeks

Well I have no 13 week picture because we were a little busy getting ready for Drew's thesis defense. Claire and I are so proud of him! It's been a long road and a lot of work, but he did it, and it's finally over! 

First stop-Daddy's office! Just helping make a few notes for his presentation
photo 1
Hehe...snuck this picture while Drew was presenting!
photo 2

We were super blessed that our friend Becca offered to watch Claire for us while Drew presented. There was no way I was brave enough to try and keep a 17 month old quite for a 45 minute thesis presentation!
When the thesis panel kicked us out to question Drew in private (aka the scary part), I headed over to Becca's to get Claire and hang out with all my mommy friends that I haven't been able to see in a few months. It was so fun to get all the kids together (5 kids under 2.5 and three of us are pregnant with our 2nd!).

This week has been flying by for some reason, and before I knew it, I realized it was wednesday night! I figured I better take my 14 week picture since I had made the chalkboard days ago, and now I'm almost 15 weeks. Unfortunately Drew wasn't home, so here is my sad 14 week self portrait complete with more of Claire's lovely drawings:

photo 4

How far along? 
14 weeks 4 days
Maternity Clothes?
A few here and there. I'm actually carrying higher than I did with Claire (she was REALLY low), so I've been able to wear most of my jeans with a hair tie to extend the waist.
Still exhausted, but I doubt that will change
Best Moment this week?
spending extra quality time with Claire. I'm excited for her to be a big sister, but I'm also trying to soak up every last moment of her being an only child
Miss anything?
Feeling un-queasy
I think I may have felt a little flutter this week!
Food cravings?
I've been dreaming of a slurpee; so weird! I've yet to go get one, but I think about them all the time. 
Queasy or sick?
Still queasy. Would someone like to remind my morning sickness it's supposed to go away after the first trimester??
Started to show?
Gender Prediction?
Labor Signs?
Belly button in or out?
Wedding rings on or off?
Happy or moody?

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