Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Potty Training Fail

Wow, I just realized its been two weeks since I posted anything; oops! I actually do have things to post, it just seems like never enough time or energy to do it!

I mentioned in Claire's 18 month post that our pediatrician said if we wanted to, we could start potty training Claire. I didn't really feel like Claire was ready and honestly I was feeling rather lazy about it since I only recently started feeling better and more energized. We've been keeping a couple potties around the house and after nap or randomly throughout the day we would let Claire sit on them, but we never had any success. Well on Sunday we had Claire stripped down, and much to our amazement she pooped and peed on her potty on her own! We were socked to say the least. At this point I thought, well I guess she's ready so I should suck it up and we should really dive into potty training.
Monday morning I was all set; sticker chart, treats, lots of water, and of course paper towels to clean up messes. The first part of the morning was going pretty well. Claire would start to pee and then stop herself and I would sit her on the potty and she would finish peeing. I figured I would count this as a total win since I wasn't expecting too much the first day. Well after nap it was all down hill, as was all of Tuesday.
Claire is a very strong willed child, and has now decided she hates her potty. She will not sit on it longer than 2 seconds and when she starts to pee I quickly put on her toilet to finish and she cries. She's gotten to the point that I can tell she needs to pee or poop but she's trying to hold it because she doesn't want to use her potty.
Wednesday we tried the big girl underwear approach and tried to make a big deal out of them, and let Claire have more accidents. We thought maybe if we gave her more space, and we didn't swoop in and set her on the potty ourselves, maybe she would do it herself. Well that was a bust too. She didn't even care about feeing wet in her underwear,
To say its frustrating would be an understatement, and Claire and I have both shed a few tears over it. So I've decided that neither Claire or I are ready for this. Claire is too stubborn since its not her idea and mommy is too hormonal to deal with it haha. I was never under the impression that I would only have one in diapers at a time, or that Claire would be potty trained before she was two, so I actually don't feel much disappointment in letting it go. I know that someday Claire will be ready and interested, and hopefully then I will have learned from our first potty training fail :)


  1. At least you gave it a try! We just potty trained Blake... or should I say we are potty training him now. It's a process that's for sure! But I think it helps to wait till they are ready and you too :) She'll be ready before you know it and she won't go to kindergarden in diapers :)

  2. I seem to know of someone in the family who was pretty strong willed and decided when he was good and ready. One day at a time! And give yourself LOTS of grace. Love you!

  3. You are such a wise mommy ... it will happen all in good time. Way to give yourself and Claire permission to stop for now!