Saturday, February 16, 2013

Be My Valentine

Here's how we spent our valentines day this year:

-Claire 'helped' mommy frost cupcakes for our valentines, which meant when I wasn't looking she ate all the frosting off of her cupcake.

-Papa and Nana (Claire's great grandparents) came over and dropped off some chocolate for Claire and I. Papa gives his girls chocolates every year :) Claire had a whole piece and was loving it!

- Claire decided to only nap for 45 minutes. I'm guessing this could be from the amount of sugar she inhaled in the morning. Oops!

- We went and delivered cupcakes to grandmas and daddy's work. Claire was the star of the show at daddy's work and managed to get a sticker and a balloon out of Drew's co workers.

- I stupidly took Claire into the pet store to look at the animals. We found a bunch of stinking adorable puppies! Luckily I came to my senses and walked out, but of course not without being suckered into buying a fish that Claire was obsessed with.

- I messed up dinner and called Drew to ask him to pick up some Chinese food instead. Little did I know I accidentally called the order into the wrong location, so Drew had to back track to pick it up. Sorry babe!

Overall a nice crazy day of love for our little family!

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