Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bath Time Surprise!

No, Claire didn't poop in the tub, if thats what you think the title means. 
Actually we've been very lucky, and have not had to deal with tub poop's at all so far!


I was looking through old pictures and videos of Claire the other day, because obviously I needed to make my hormonal pregnant self even more emotional, and I came across this little gem. 
I almost forgot about this video, so I'm really glad I found it again. It makes Drew and I laugh every time!

We wanted to put claire in the big bath tub so she could be in deeper water, which of course meant one of us needed to get in with her and hold her squirmy little 2 month old body. Somehow I ended up being the one in the tub (don't worry I have a swimsuit on!) and Drew got to capture this little gem.

She sure looks pretty proud of herself, huh??

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