Friday, April 26, 2013

34 Weeks

We missed 33 weeks since we were in Bend for the weekend, but here is a recap of the last two weeks. Figured I should probably get it up before I hit 35 weeks tomorrow so I'm not even more behind!

We had a doctors appointment at 33.5 weeks, and everything is still looking good. I'm still measuring a week ahead but since 2 +/- weeks is normal it doesn't look like we'll need to do a growth ultrasound before little mister makes his appearance.


How far along? 
34 weeks
Weight gain?
24 lbs. YIKES!
I gained about 30 with Claire and was hoping that since I've been so diligent about working out this pregnancy, I would gain a little less, but the doctor said she thinks this is a great weight gain.
Maternity Clothes?
I've been waking up pretty consistently around 4:00am every morning and not being able to back to sleep. 
Best Moment this week?
Spending some extra special mommy-daughter time with Claire before baby comes!
Miss anything?
My overall comfort haha.
Food cravings?
Queasy or sick?
Started to show?
Labor Signs?
Mild contractions here and there but nothing consistent
Belly button in or out?
I think this is officially the week my belly button is not longer in. It's pretty much flat now; poor belly button.
Wedding rings on or off?
On most the time, but with the weather warming up, I've had to bust out the fake wedding band a few times.
Happy or moody?

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