Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

Our last holiday as a family of three!
It's still crazy for Drew and I to think that by the end of next month (hopefully!) we'll be bringing our little man home.

We could not get a decent family picture to save our lives. Maybe someday we'll get  a picture where everyone looks at the camera...


Sunday morning we headed to church and then over to my parents house for an early dinner.

Grandma and Grandpa filled a bunch of eggs for Claire and hid them throughout their yard. I was wondering if Claire would get the idea, but she caught on after the first egg, and that was even before she knew there was candy inside!





Claire opened her Easter basket from Drew and I. Of course the first thing she did was try to devour all of her candy! We let her have a few jelly beans and a nibble of the chocolate bunny, and then hid the rest.
I wasn't sure what she would think of the chocolate bunny, but once she got the first taste, she was pretty easily convinced ;)
This years Easter basket consisted of some new sidewalk chalk, bunny stickers, bubbles, a new Llama Llama book (Claire's favorites), some jelly beans, and the classic chocolate Easter bunny.




  1. yummy chocolate bunnies!! I actually didn't eat any this year!! my finace is so not into gift giving lol!!

  2. Oh my is that girl cute!!! This brings back so many memories of when all you grandchildren were little and ran around the yard looking for eggs. Where did all those years go? Love ... Papa and Grandma