Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I said I would never....

Before I had Claire I nannied for a family for almost a year, starting when the baby was 7 weeks, until right after his first birthday. Before that, I had watched a lot of other kids, and over the years I had stock piled in my mind the things that I would never do when I was a parent. 

HAHAHAHA! So naive....

Man, it was easy to be the perfect parent in my head. Then I got a big old dose of reality. 
One of the bloggers I follow had a guest post today about the ways they've become the parent they said they would never be.

So for fun, and lets be honest, to keep myself humble, here are 5 examples of how I became the parent I said I would never be.

1) This sounds dumb, but I was never going to change my child's diaper standing up. I remember seeing parents struggling to do this so they didn't have to try to get their child to lay still on the floor. I told myself "my child will just learn then when its diaper time, it's diaper time and they need to cooperate".
Let's just say I am the master of changing Claire while she's standing up; sometimes it's just not worth the fight.

2) Claire was not going to be a picky eater. This was mostly because Drew and I were both such picky eaters when we were little, I was determined that Claire would not be. 
Guess what happens when you cook your child their own meal every night instead of giving them what your eating? 
They become a picky eater. So now, thanks to me, we are struggling to get Claire to eat what we're eating and try new foods. Oops!

3) Claire was not going to need sleep aids to go to bed, she was going to learn to put herself to sleep.
Then Drew and I rocked her to sleep every night and for every nap cause she was so dang cute! This then lead to us always needing us to rock her to sleep if she woke up in the middle of the night. 

Which leads me to....

4) I was going to be a pro at cry it out. I mean, I'd done it with other people's babies, it would be a breeze to do it with mine. Turns out your own baby crying has a lot more emotional effect than someone else's baby crying. I was a mess.
Disclaimer: Crying it out ended up working awesome for us! We started when Claire was about 5 months and the longest she ever cried was 7 minutes. She's been a great sleeper every since, but boy was it hard for those couple of days!

5) When Claire was born, I planned on having her sleep in our room for a month or two. It was going to be easier for nursing, create good bonding, and all that other fluffy, lovey stuff you hear....
Well Claire is a stinking loud sleeper and I woke up to every. single. noise.
Not only did she go sleep in the nursery the second night we were in the hospital, but Claire got the boot from our room after a week and a half. Little brother probably won't even last that long. Sometimes I get the impression from other mom's that not letting my kids co sleep or room in with us makes me insensitive, but I know I'm a better mommy when I've had some sleep!

I'm sure as we add another baby to the family, and Claire gets older there are going to be a million more times that I become the parent I said I would never be. I guess that's God's was of keeping you humble :)

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  1. lol I attempted the standing up changing the diaper, disaster!!