Friday, June 28, 2013

2nd Birthday Party: Curious George Style

To say that  Claire likes Curious George is a bit of an understatement.

I'll take the blame on this. When I was first pregnant with Hunter I was violently sick, and mornings were by far the worst! So from weeks 6-20 I relied heavily on Netflix to entertain Claire will I tried to keep some breakfast down, and Curious George ended up being the show of choice. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that we have seen all 5 seasons on Netflix....multiple times. 
It's gotten to the point that Claire knows all the characters by name and will ask for "George" when we come downstairs in the morning, so it was a no brainer what her party theme should be this year.

After trying to squeeze everyone in our tiny downstairs last year for Claire's 1st birthday, I knew that we would need a bigger space this year. This girl has a ton of family!

My grandparents graciously offered for us to have the party in their huge yard at their house! Well being Oregon, it of course rained the day of Claire's party even though it's almost July, so we had to move the party inside my grandparents house. (Thanks again Papa and Grandma for hosting Claire's party!)

I love, love, love planning parties, but I knew I would have to be more realistic this year and scale back since I had a 3 week old, so I busted out the boxed cupcakes instead of homemade, and kept the decor to a minimum, and I think it still turned out great! Claire had a great time chasing around the other kids and seeing George everywhere, and we had a great time visting with friends and family and passing Hunter around the circle :)








The party favors: Claire's favorite things; coloring George and eating "George Snacks"

Claire's new quilt from Grandma Arnold. It even has George on it!


Mommy forgot the candles for we just pretended :) Claire loved having everyone sing to her, even if you can't tell from the picture.

Oh, and  that adorable George dress? My grandma made that for her! It was the perfect outfit for her party, so I couldn't resist her opening it early so she could wear it for her special day!

Thanks to everyone who came, it was such a fun day celebrating our sweet little 2 year old!

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  1. Happy birthday, Claire! Wish we could have celebrated with you. You're our favorite little monkey :)

    Love, Uncle Dan, Aunt Alaina, Dayna and Annie