Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Weeks

Hunter is actually almost 3 weeks old now, but his first two weeks were quite the whirlwind.

We came home from the hospital on Saturday morning (after a quick stop at Target after being discharged haha) and my parents brought Claire home after her nap. 

It was so fun to see her reaction to having Hunter home with us! She kept asking us to hold him, and wanted to kiss and hug him all the time.
Sunday morning we headed to church, and Hunter got to meet a bunch of his church family! 

Then came our long week of being at the doctor....
Hunter's jaundice levels were at high/intermediate, so they asked us to come in to the lab on Monday morning and get his heel pricked and meet with our pediatrician. He surprised me by sleeping through the entire blood draw! His results came back during the appointment and they were still on the higher side, so our doctor asked us to get his blood tested again on Wednesday. 
Wednesday afternoon we had an appointment with the lactation consultant, but first we had to stop by the lab and get Hunter's heel pricked again. I wasn't so lucky this time, and Hunter screamed and screamed; poor little man! After the traumatic blood draw the poor guy got poked and prodded by the lactation consultant. We found out that not only does Hunter have a small mouth and short tongue (which makes his latch horrible), but he had a mild tongue tie as well, which explained why nursing was not going well. After being at the doctors for almost 2 hours, poor little man was tuckered out!

Friday we had our newborn pictures with Brooke at Brooke Morgan Photography. We've only seen a couple sneak peeks so far, but I am in love with them! If you need newborn pictures, and are in the Portland area I highly recommend her! 

Saturday morning we noticed that Hunter's tongue was getting white and bumpy. Claire had thrush when she was a week old too, so I knew thats what it was. I called the advice line hoping they would just get a prescription sent over for us, but the nurse told me I had to go in to urgent care and have him seen first. Hunter and I spent 2 hours waiting to be seen, only to have the doctor look at him and say "Yep, it's thrush, I'll send a prescription over to the pharmacy". Needless to say I was slightly annoyed by the end of the whole process.

Then, because the poor boy hadn't been through enough, we headed back to the doctor on Tuesday for his two week appointment, where he was circumcised, had this tongue tie clipped, and his heel pricked.  Boy was he mad! After almost 2.5 hours of being at the doctor, we headed home and let the poor little man rest up from his busy first two weeks!

Thankfully I think we are getting to the point of settling down. Hunter still has thrush despite being on Nystatin for 7 days, so we have now moved on to the wonderfully messy world of gentian violet. Poor kid looks like he's wearing purple lipstick.


  1. Aww, poor guy! He's suffered through so much already! I hope he hits a super healthy, super long streak now!

  2. Hang in there, dear. Those weeks really test us, don't they? Phil. 4:13. Hope things are looking up now.