Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Months!

Yet another month has flown by, and our "little" munchkin is getting so big! 

No, really, he's big.

As in 16 lbs 11oz, big. 
We may have a future line backer on our hands.

Here are Hunter's stats from his 2 month check up:

Weight: 16 lbs 11 oz (over the 100th percentile)
Height: 2' .5" (96th percentile)

-Wearing mostly 6 month clothing, although I still try and squeeze him in some 3 month clothes out of pure denial that he is growing so fast.

-Still LOVES bath time. He can be screaming his head off and as soon as he hits the water he is happy as can be,

-Also, still tolerating his sister like a champ. He's already a little over half her size, so I have a feeling once he's a little older he'll be able to put up a decent fight ;)

-Every night from about 7-9 is his crazy fussy period. It's awful!

-Hunter had another small case of thrush (his third time!) but thankfully we caught it early and got it all cleared up.

-His daytime schedule is all over the place nap wise, but nighttime is pretty consistent. Bath with sister at 6:30, drive mommy and daddy crazy with screaming from 7-9, then sleep from 9:00pm-2:30am, eat, and then awake again at 4am and usually again around 6am. 

-His new favorite place to sit is in the high chair at an incline. You can almost guarantee a smile if he's in there!

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  1. I hear you about the evening being fussy-time. Brave is pretty good from 7-10 but she has her moments (read, last half) where she is so fussy. I save her bath till the moment I can't take the fussiness anymore then plop her in. Maaaagic. <--Must be said like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.

    Also, cannot wait for house pictures!