Tuesday, August 6, 2013

House Tour

Well we've been in our house about 3 weeks now, and I am finally getting a little house tour together. 
I ran around and took pictures of all the rooms before we moved stuff in, but since Hunter was starting to scream, some of the pictures aren't the best quality ;)

Side story: As a housewarming present Hunter decided to blow out of his diaper when we first got to the house, which I of course didn't realize until after I held him against me. To make it even better, I didn't realize I had poop on my shirt as well until about 10 minutes after I had already changed him. Here's the kicker....I had no extra clothes for at least another hour. Awesome.

Here is the view as you walk in the front door

Immediately to your right is a formal living room, which at the moment is somewhat more of a play room since we don't have any furniture/ need for a formal living space.

As you keep walking down the hallway, right behind the formal living room is the kitchen and dining area.

To the left of the hallway, right across from the kitchen/ dining is the family room.

From the family room you can see two doors on the left, the first one is to the guest bathroom (which I forgot to take a picture of!) and the second one is to the guest bedroom/office.
What's really awesome is that there is actually another door in the bathroom that connects to the guest room, so essentially guests can close off the main door in the family room and have their own private bathroom when they come to visit. (You can see the door in the picture below)

And here's an opposite view; looking from the back door that leads out to the patio and yard, to the front door.

If you look up the stairs you'll see a doorway to the left, which is the master bedroom, and the closet at the top of the stairs is where the washer and dryer are.

To the right are both of the kids rooms and their bathroom. The red room is Hunter's and Claire's is to the right of that and the kids bathroom is to the left.

Here is Hunter's extremely red room (which is no longer red, thank goodness!). There is a window to the left in this picture.

This is Claire's room (which has also been repainted).


And last but not least is the master bedroom. The doorway to the right is the HUGE walk in closet, and the door to the left is the master bedroom.



We have been doing A LOT of painting and other little projects around here lately, and hopefully I'll get pictures of them soon! In the mean while we are thoroughly enjoying being in our new place! 

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