Thursday, September 5, 2013

A crown for a princess

A few weeks ago Drew's sister and her husband was moving so we watched our nephew Henri while they moved. Henri brought some crowns for him and Claire, and they wore them pretty much the entire weekend together. 
After Henri left Claire was still wearing her crown everywhere. Drew put her to bed one night, and when I went in to check on her this is what I found:

Me: "Did you let Claire wear her crown to bed?
Drew: "No, why?"
Me: " I think you should see this"

Well come to find out, Drew had taken her crown off and set it on top of her dresser. Turns out Claire got out of bed, moved her stool that she uses to get into bed over to her dresser and re crowned herself before falling asleep.

In the weeks to follow the crown was looking a little tattered after constant wearing and an accidental trip through the sprinkler.

 I was beginning to think the crown obsession may last longer than the actual crown, so one day when both kids miraculously napped at the same time, I whipped her up a crown to wear using this tutorial.

 The ponytail hanging out the back cracks me up!

I worried a little bit that it wouldn't be as accepted as the burger king crown, but thankfully Claire loved it! She's still wearing it all over the place. 
My sweet little princess.....

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