Friday, September 13, 2013

Family Time

We've been so busy almost every weekend this summer, so this last weekend we decided to just hang out as a family. It happened to be the weekend of the Sandy Oktoberfest, which is two blocks away from our house, so we thought it would be fun to walk over and check it out and grab some lunch from the food carts. Well it turned out to be kind of a bust on the food front, but Claire had a great time playing in the 'kindergarten' area. She got to play games and make crafts, but her favorite must have been the little mini golf area.




Hunter even got in on the action


After we came Claire wanted to go swimming, so we decided to fill the pool with some warm water from inside so Hunter could play too.

Here's my sweet little man. I mean that smirk, the elbow dimples, the rolls....How can you resist??

Going in the for the kiss

Oh the rolls!

While Hunter was taking his evening nap we decided to let Claire stay up a little late and make smores in her pajamas!

She wasn't too sure about eating the actual smore, but she loved eating her marshmallow off the stick.

We are so thankful for our house and being able to make it our own, but we've been so busy working on things that it often feels like we are forgetting to just slow down and enjoy life and the stage that we are in right now. It was such a great weekend of just slowing down and enjoying our little family. 

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