Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bend Trip

Like I mentioned in Hunter's 5 month post, we took our first trip to Bend to visit Drew's parents since Hunter was born.

I was not looking forward to the car ride with a baby and a toddler, but I was pleasantly surprised on the way over! Claire watched Peter Pan on my phone and Hunter slept and just played quietly with his Sophie giraffe. We had no crying the entire way there! 

On Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch outside of Bend with Grandma and Grandpa. This was Claire's second time to the pumpkin patch this year, and she seemed just as fascinated as the first time. Hunter seemed just as enthused too haha

They had free face painting, so Claire chose a pumpkin for her face. She was so excited about it! She will still randomly stop and say "Oh no! My pumpkin patch face is gone!" Poor girl, I think she thought it would last forever.

We spend the rest of the weekend just hanging out with Drew's parents and relaxing.

We left after church on Sunday and I was a little over confident on how the trip home would be. I mean, the first time was a piece of cake, so why wouldn't it be the same?
Wrong! So, so wrong.

Claire decided she forgot how to nap in the car, and since we left at nap time it was melt down city on the ride home. She did okay for the first half, but for about the last hour our car ride went like this:

We figured there was nothing we could do but laugh it off and get home as fast as possible.
Needless to say, it was an early bedtime for Claire that night!

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