Friday, November 1, 2013


We had our first real, 'trick-or-treat our own neighborhood' halloween this year.
It's so fun to be in a neighborhood with so many kids! I should probably take this moment to remind myself that we are going to need WAY more candy next year. 
Seriously, we were out of candy by 7:45pm and we were gone for an hour trick or treating ourselves. So many kids!

Claire was an indian this year. This costume was made by my grandma for my mom when she was little, then I wore it, and now Claire; so fun to see it be passed down the generations!
I'm pretty sure she was saying "trick or treeeeaaattt!" in this picture.

I don't know why, but I had a huge urge for Hunter to be an adorable chubby lion this year. We lucked out and Drew's cousin Andrea had one we were able to borrow. Thanks again Andrea!

I could seriously kiss those chubby lion cheeks all day long! 

 This was the most successful picture we got of the two of them. Hunter insisted on doing his signature back arch to get away from Claire. Oh well, maybe next year...

Claire had such a fun time going from house to house collecting candy! She kept yelling after every house "look, I got more candy!". We only did a small loop around our neighborhood since it was cutting it close to bed time. When we got home we were greeting kids at the door and trying to get Hunter fed, that by the time we turned around Claire had shoved at least three pieces of candy in her mouth!

After we confiscated the candy from Claire she helped us pass out candy to the rest of the trick or treaters. Every time the door bell rang she yelled "Trick or Treat!"; too bad she wasn't that enthusiastic when we were actually out trick or treating!

It was so fun watching her trick or treat this year, and admire all the other kids in their costumes! 
We're potty training this week so the candy is coming in handy as small rewards, and Claire is already asking about trick or treating again :)

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  1. They both look SO adorable!! You should post pics of yourself (and your mom if you have them) wearing Claire's costume also, how special that you have passed it down three generations!

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