Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Months!

Little man is 7 months! This month has probably flown by faster than any other month; I blame it on Christmas!

-We now have a sitter. I kinda expected Hunter to not really be sitting for another month, since he did not seem interested at all, then one day he just decided he was going to sit and has been ever since. He still topples over every once and a while, but he's pretty happy to sit steadily and play with his toys.

-Hunter has his first Christmas this month! He was only slightly amused at the whole process, but of course has a blast with all his wrapping paper :)
Can't you feel the Christmas spirit? At least Claire was excited!

My sweet little guy on Christmas; a happy moment between the teething meltdowns.

-He cut his first tooth on Christmas! Poor guy has been a real grump since then, but we've been able to manage pain with some Tylenol, Sophie the giraffe and cold apple slices. He's had pretty much every teething symptom in the book and his crankiness is crazy, so I'm thinking of trying an amber teething necklace for him, since I know this is only the first of many teeth to come!

-Sleep in slightly better, but of course teething has thrown a wrench in that routine. We typically do a dream feed before we go to bed around 10:00pm  and then Hunter wakes anywhere between 3:30-5:00am to eat again. I have to just keep reminding myself that we will sleep again someday!

-Hunter's been enjoying more solids along with his puree's. He's had some banana and sweet potato chunks as well as some other random foods. He also started eating puffs which has proven to be a good distraction at dinner time :) He can only pick them up and get them in his mouth on his own about 20% of the time, but he sure enjoys trying! 

-I think we're getting close to crawling! Probably another month or two, but he's able to get up onto his hands and knees and rock back and forth, and he's able to push himself backwards. 

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  1. GET THE AMBER. They sell it in bracelets/anklets too in case you or Drew aren't into the necklaces for boys thing. :) I have forgotten about it a few days for Bravery and each time I notice a marked difference for the worse in attitude.