Saturday, February 8, 2014


On January 20th, we added a new member to our family!
It all happened quicker than we expected, but it was something we had been thinking about for a while. We were actually on a wait list for a litter of golden retriever puppies for the spring, as we found it almost impossible to find older golden retrievers for adoption.

Cue Monday morning and I'm quickly scanning the NW Pets page (on facebook) and I see that a girl has just posted an ad to re-home her 1 year golden retriever since she didn't have the time to devote to him. I texted Drew a picture, mostly just joking, and he texted me back and said to call her! 

I talked to the girl for a while and she said she would let me know and that there were several other people interested. As we were texting a little later she let me know that someone was coming that night to look at him. I texted Drew and told him someone else was getting him, and then about 2 minutes later I got a text from the girl saying the original lady had cancelled and she liked us better anyways. 

Drew came home early from work and the girl actually drove Mater (his original name haha) all the way from Corvallis, to our house so she could make sure he fit well with our family. 

We did a mad run around to buy a crate, some toys, and food, and just like that we had a dog!

It's been about three weeks now and we are so happy! Jake is such a great dog, it's been more than we could have hoped for. He is great with the kids, loves to play when we're outside but when we come in he is totally calm and lays with me while I play with the kids. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

8 Months!

Another month gone by! This boy is gonna be a year old before I know it!

 We'll have an appointment next month to get his official height and weight, but right now I'm guessing he's around the 27 lb mark.

-I wondered if he would be crawling by the end of this month, and while he SO close, he has yet to really start crawling. He rocks back and forth and scoots backwards, but he still working on the coordination of going forwards.

-Hunter is now eating 3 meals a day and bout 4 bottles (6 oz each) a day. We are slowly moving towards more solid food, as we've figured out Hunter is not really into the puree thing. He'll still eat purees mixed with a little oatmeal but he would much prefer to take food from our plates. I'm hoping he'll continue to be a less picky eater than Claire ;)

-We are finally going all night without eating! Notice I didn't say sleeping all night....we are still up once or twice to stick his pacifier in. We have had a few nights without waking up but nothing really consistent yet, but I will take that over having to feed him during the night.

-We have two teeth! It felt like forever to get them to finally break through, and boy was it a long week or crankiness and sleeplessness, but we made it through.

-Hunter got his first pet this month! We adopted a one year old male golden retriever (more on that later) and the kids are smitten! Jake (our dog) loves them too, though he is a little less fond of Hunter after a few hair pulling attempts.

-Dare I say that naps are getting better? This is the first month that I feel like we have some sort of real schedule with Hunter. He is taking three naps a day, and usually at least one is more than an hour long! It's crazy the difference an hour nap vs a 35 minute nap can make!