Tuesday, April 1, 2014

10 Months!

Hunter has been on the move and keeping us busy all month. Seriously, he never stops moving!

-Hunter started pulling himself up last month, but now he is officially a pro at it. He pulls up on everything and will even stand holding on with just one hand. He's started to cruise around the furniture too. 

-The stairs....oh the stairs. If Hunter had his way he would climb the stairs all day long. One day we forgot to close the gate. One second Hunter was behind me in the kitchen, then I turn around and he's halfway up the stairs, giving me a total heart attack!

-It was a bit of a rough month, health wise for the little man. Right before his 9 month appointment, Hunter got pink eye, then we got that and his cold cleared up in time for his appointment. At his appointment the doctor let me know that now he had an ear infection, so it was antibiotics for us. Then just last week, he spiked a fever of 102 for a couple days, but I think that may have been due to some nasty teething. I think Hunter if finally feeling better, even though we are still waiting for the teeth to pop through.

- We've entered the 'I love mommy' stage aka stranger danger. It's so weird to see the sweet little guy who would smile at everyone and let anyone hold him, become shy and cling to his mommy, but I know it's a normal stage for his age. And I can't say I mind the extra love from him :)

-Hunter is still a great eater, and has actually come to prefer the food that we are eating, to eating any sort of purees. He's actually to the point he will become upset if he doesn't have real food that he can feed to himself.

-We're sleeping again! We had about a week of off nights, and early morning wake up calls, but the past week and half or is back to sleeping through the night and a normal 6:45-7am wake up time. Thanks goodness!

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