Friday, May 2, 2014

11 Months!

Holy cow, my baby will be one next month.
I bet get my party planning booty in gear!

-Hunter is sleeping 6:30pm-7:00am! 

-Loves to eat! Graham crackers are one of his favorite snacks. He isn't a huge fan of fruit, which I find so odd! We've given him banana, apple, cantaloupe, kiwi, and grapes, and kiwi seems to be the only one that he is okay with. He has started to get a little more hesitant to try new things, and will sometimes spit things out before he really tries it. I'm hoping this phase passes!

-He's pulling himself up on anything and everything. Making dinner has become almost impossible with him around; if I'm holding still for even a minute he is right there behind me pulling himself up on my legs.

-Hunter has started to be shy with strangers. When we are at the store and someone says hi to him, he lays his head down on the handle of the cart and smiles shyly at them. I love his coy little grin he gives!

-This kid is a blabber mouth! Always talking, and always screeching. He says "mama" consistently and I think we knows what it means. He says "dada" but not quite as consistent. 

-Hunter had his first Easter this month!

-We also had our first real dose of heat this month! Hunter was loving the water table and the little pool in the backyard; a little water lover just like his sister!

-Still only two teeth, but with the crankiness that been going on lately, I have a feeling we'll have more before his birthday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have a real love-hate relationship with this shopping cart:

I love it because my kids are entertained while I grocery shop, but the steering is awful and I feel like I'm driving a semi, it's so long and awkward. I also hate that if we arrive at the store, and it's not there Claire has a minor freak out. This is the conversation we had the other day after Claire saw someone else using the "yellow cart" while we were shopping.

Claire: I wanted to use to the yellow cart!

Me: I know, but someone else was using it. We need to share and let other people have a turn.

Claire: Why?

Me: Because it's nice to share with people.

Claire: Why?

Me: Because Jesus asks us to share with others.

Claire: Oh. Maybe next time Jesus will share with us.

Me: Haha, yes, maybe.

Claire: Maybe we can ask Married if we can use it next time.

Me: Married?

Claire: Yeah, Married, Jesus' mom!

I told Drew about our conversation, and we were both dying with laughter! Oh Claire....